The beginning…..

My First Blog, Uncategorized

So here I am diving into the “blogosphere” with my own blog. I admit I’ve not even read many blogs so this might be a rough start, but I’ll give it a shot and see who follows along. My basic premise is to venture out into the area in which I live (Watsontown, Lewisburg, Williamsport area) to find new, exciting places to eat and drink.

If you live in a larger metro area you may have used the “Urban Spoon” website to find new places to find your lunch or “Groupon” to find discounts. When those of us who live in the not-so-metro areas do that …. there is no such websites. No websites with ‘group’ coupons. No listings with recommendations of all the local hotspots. This is the Central Susquehanna Valley where there’s more wildlife and woods than wine and wontons. Where there isn’t much…or so you’d think. Until you start reading my blog!

My husband and I love to eat out and we love to find new places in our area (within 20 miles usually). We’ll try anything once and the more out of the way and unusual atmosphere the better. The ambience can change our mind about a good place with a decent meal into a place we go back to time and again. Price doesn’t usually factor in, we dine from pretty cheap to expensive, but we keep the expensive ones for special occasions. I’ll put it all here for your benefit. I’ll even take suggestions! After all a good recommendation is how we started out finding many of our favorite places in the first place.

If you live in this area and think there aren’t any good places to go: I’ll prove you wrong. If you want to visit: I’ll give you the scoop on the best places so you don’t waste your time! Enjoy and good eating.


2 thoughts on “The beginning…..

  1. We need to absolutely get together for a meal! Make sure you click the button 'follow' to follow all my posts to keep track and we'll set something up to go out. Maybe after church one Sunday?

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