Our first foray into ‘culture’

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This past Wednesday night John and I found ourselves without a stitch of anything to do – a rare feat in our lives – so we decided to head out for a bit of a treat and some culture. We decided upon hitting up Lewisburg for the Wednesday night live concert in the park and for a small walk around the town. Instead of waiting in the always long line at the Lewisburg Freez, which was technically closer to our destination, we opted for Becky’s Soft-Serve in-between Milton and Watsontown. It’s also practically the ONLY place we ever go for ice cream. The proprietress is my former high school librarian and second mom and her daughter was one of my best friends – so we’re kind of biased. Even without the obvious bias the ice cream is always good and the service is always excellent. Mrs. D nor Becky herself were there on Wednesday, but their staff is just as commited to customer service and the wait is never as long as the Freez in Lewisburg.

Once we had our tasty, ice cold treats in hand we drove over the bridge to the always culturally significant town of Lewisburg. We walked hand in hand around the University campus discussing the days events and enjoying the unusually cool breeze in the June air. It was a perfect night to have nothing to do. We timed our walk to end up in Hufnagle Park to enjoy the pipe/wind orchestra who was set to play a collection of “Stars, Stripes and Sousa” in celebration of the upcoming holiday weekend. As we looked around we felt sad to be one of a few younger people – apparently young people don’t appreciate culture or free, live music anymore. Who knew? We settled in and enjoyed not only the atmosphere of the surrounding older people, but the music was spectacular and thrilling. We smiled as we saw several elderly people swaying to the music and pretending they were the conductor. Our friends from church ended up joining us, which was a nice surprise. The breeze continued with a lovely sunset and an impromtpu singing of the Star Spangled Banner by the audience finished off the end of the concert.

As we walked back to our car amongst the other culturally enriched folks we mused how lucky we were to have had a free night and to have had it filled with such a relaxing, fulfilling array of food, music and friends.


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