Unfortunate Bad Will

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Today I had the most stressful, frustrating lunch I’ve had in a long time.

My parents and I decided to check out the new digs down at the Montandon Good Will’s restaurant. They’ve been remodeling now for several months and we wanted to check out the new decor and see what else they may have changed to make Montandon a more gastrinomical landmark. Unfortunately…. it’s the same old Good Will’s with slightly newer packaging.

We arrived about 12:10. I get an hour for lunch and it takes about 20 mins total to get from my office, pick up my parents, and get back from the restaurant. That leaves about 40 minutes for eating. Admittedly – not a long time to place an order, get it cooked and eat it. However, we go every Friday to many local places around town and never have an issue. Most restaurants understand the lunchtime crowd. Not Good Will’s.

We seated ourselves as the sign requested and at 12:20 we still had not been waited on or even acknowledged. Finally, a waitress walked by with an armload of menus and said “I’ll be right with you folks.” That’s great – how about you give up one of your precious menus so we could be deciding while we wait? Some folks came in and took the table behind us. Within minutes their waitress had greeted them, given them menus and taken their order. We still didn’t even have menus! Finally our waitress dropped off said menus and preceeded to walk away. What about getting our drink orders or giving us the specials?

At 12:30 we finally ordered.

When 12:45 rolled around I realized we weren’t going to have enough time to eat unless we got our meals right that second, scarfed them down and paid while we were still chewing. We hadn’t seen our waitress for awhile. When she did finally reappear I motioned for her and said, in the most restrained voice I could muster, “I’m probably going to need to take ours to go. I only have an hour for lunch.” She scrambled back to the kitchen.

Within seconds my Dad had his burger and my Mom had her salad. My wrap was still AWOL, but we had a start. I encouraged my parents to eat and just figured I’d have to take mine to go as I had told her. When she came through again I still had no wrap. I asked “Is mine coming? Please make it to go.” – she seemed irritated.

Finally my wrap came boxed up to go. My parents finished and we got up to leave. She got no tip. When my father went to pay the line to cash out was several people deep (there were also almost 10 people waiting to be seated too – I fought the urge to tell them to go elsewhere unless they had the rest of the afternoon for their lunch.) The cashier was on his cell phone seemingly unperturbed that people had places to go and lives to lead. My Dad laid the money down and left without his change just so I could get back to work. Lunch uneaten.

In short, if you have all the time in the world and want to have a nice relaxing lunch with your friends or family then give Good Will’s a shot. If you have an hour, skip it.


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