More than just (pot) pie

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If you live in or near or have ever visited Milton, PA and have never eaten at The Arrowhead Restaurant just North of the little burg…. then shame on you. You don’t know what you’re missing.

Situated along the Susquehanna River on Route 405 between Milton and Watsontown, The Arrowhead is pretty famous around these parts for their signature sandwich the “pig” and their homemade pot pie on Fridays. A “pig” is basically just a deep fried pork patty, but you could have fooled me for years. Before I was old enough to truly understand what a “pig” was I just pretty much thought it was a secret something only The Arrowhead had. I love mine with just ketchup, but people eat them with all sorts of toppings including mustard, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. Not me – just ketchup, please. I had one today with a side of onion rings. Despite my indigestion tendencies and my family history of heart disease. It’s just one of those things that you say “I just don’t care – it’s too durn good”. The pot pie, although not my cup of tea, is handmade here and comes with a half of a potato. I’m not kidding. Most every plate has a half of a potato on it. Not cut up. Not diced into the pot pie itself. A HALF A WHOLE POTATO right there on the plate. My grandmother came here every Friday for this pot pie. Many people come here every Friday for this pot pie. It think some people would probably not feel complete if they didn’t come in for their weekly helping of pot pie.

But it’s really more than the food at The Arrowhead. This is a place where everyone truly knows your name. This is one of the ritual places my parents and I go to on our Friday lunches and no matter if it’s been just last week or over a month since we’ve been there we’re bound to see the same folks every Friday. It’s comforting in that way. The clientele are typically older people who have been coming in there for years and years, but we run into just about anybody there. Debbie, Kathy and Beryl are the standard Friday waitresses and Kathy especially knows how we like things. She sometimes will bring our drinks before we even say “Hi”. I remember one time I just felt like something different so I asked for a menu. Then I ordered a pig anyway and she said “You needed a menu for that?”. That’s just how it is – they know you and know what you want…. even when you think you don’t.

My husband’s grandfather used to go there every Saturday with his friend for breakfast. Pop did not have hands due to a farming accident many years earlier so he required his food to be cut up for him and a straw for his coffee. Almost every waitress knew these particular things. When there was a new waitress he would simply say “the others know how I like it.” They would sometimes sit there until lunchtime just because it was such a comforting and friendly place to be and people there enjoyed his company.

Some of the family went into The Arrowhead after Pop died just a few months ago for a meal in his honor. The waitresses all expressed their condolences and we talked about Pop with everyone. This is not just a restaurant. It’s a meeting place, a social hall, a diner, a late night snack place and an early morning eatery. Oh, and they have ice cream and some homemade pies too that are simply out of this world. So even if you aren’t a meat eater or you don’t like pot pie – stop in at least for some homemade pie ala mode.


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