Finding the right AC

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My husband, father and I have been building a three car garage the last several months. It has taken up quite a bit of our time – my Dad’s especially. We have spent most Saturdays working away at this endeavor and have had very little time to do anything else. So when Dad released us of our duties before Noon this last Saturday (seeing that the garage is pretty much now completed) John and I decided it was time to get out of town for a bit. Our initial destination: the Tannersville outlets.
We like going to the Tannersville outlets. Not only is there a Harry and David’s there – we just love the layout and the selection of stores. We seldom purchase that much, but it’s fine to shop and look. We especially love the kitchen stores as we marvel at all the new and latest gadgets. But this past Saturday in Tannersville was no different then the rest of Pennsylvania – it was HOT. Our need to browse and linger soon faded. Even the confectionary concoctions of Harry and David’s were not enough to entice us in this infernal heat wave. We decided to move on.
John suggested we try our hand at the Mt. Airy Casino which was only a few miles up the road. After all, it was at least indoors. Now I hear some of you out there gasping in shock: “But you’re CHRISTIANS!” Yes, we are aware that gambling is often attributed to the decline and degradation of many a society and can be even associated with the very devil himself, but…. It’s fun. Now we certainly don’t condone gambling or wasting away your life’s fortune at a casino, but we see it merely as entertainment. Sometimes even charitable donations to the casinos and the local economy in fact, since we rarely win. We love to marvel at how these casinos can pull so many people in on any given day, which slots tend to be winning more that particular day and we frequently discuss how many people’s families are losing out that very minute in their dear grandma’s fortune. On this blistering Saturday afternoon we sat down at 2 slots, lost $10 and were searching in vain for a slot to win when finally I turned to John and said: “I’d rather spend our money on a nice dinner to celebrate our finished garage. How’s about it?” Thus ended the casino’s hold on our money on this particular.
Back to car we trudged in the heat to consult the Garmin. What local establishment would fulfill our thirst? We just got our Garmin GPS and, I must admit, the best feature is that it will find local places to eat, shop and recreate from wherever you are. It gave us several good options for all kinds of fare: Chinese, American, Thai and many others. “I think I could use a brew” we both decided. (And, again, I hear the gasping…. Gees people we’re not addicts – just folks who like to have fun and even Jesus drank wine!) Bailey’s BBQ and Restaurant was within 6 miles. Off we went once again to find a spot to be cool.
Bailey’s is a bit like the steak and salad place of the 80s. I would compare it to a Hoss’s without the chain kind of menu. They specialize in ribs – including one called “Dinosaur Bones” – and steaks, but they had a full menu of options. John decided on some ribs and I got the prime rib. This was a place that still included a salad and some bread with your meal – something I truly love – and the interior was rustic with an eclectic array of artwork on the walls. It was old school and I loved it. There is nothing I distaste more than the chain restaurants with their high calorie, sauced up, barely give you any food menu and pricey drinks. This was not one of those places. Their happy hour went until 6.
The AC could have been cooler. The waitress could have been faster. The food was pretty darn good though and the beer was cold. What a perfect way to cool off and end our day…. Oh wait… We have the ride home yet.

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