A Walk Into Nostalgia-land

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My in-laws are visiting us this week and one of the things they have been more focused on lately is walking down memory lane. They live in Nebraska and come out East about twice a year. In the past they would drag their two children along each December and Spring time to visit the grandparents who lived in Watsontown. They visited many of the same places each time and their memories are full of good times spent at all the local ‘hot spots’. Since Pop died a few months ago though this trip is different. They no longer stay at his house, now they stay at ours. The days are not simply wiled away talking with Pop and resting the days away and enjoying the moments. Everything they do here now reminds them of days gone by and times well spent. They are making an effort to recall the things of years gone by. To keep in mind the things of the past so that they might not fade too soon from memory.

SO they first had lunch at the Arrowhead (see an earlier post where I detailed how much Pop loved this place and was revered and loved there by the staff as well). They’ve visited family they haven’t seen in awhile and they’ve visited family that have moved on from our quaint little area, but are still on the East coast.

Last night we sat down with several of the family and had a good old-fashioned Tom’s pizza. Now most of you from this area are probably wondering “Where is Tom’s Pizza?” well…. it’s Weavers. In Allenwood. “OH!!” you say. I’ve grown up here and have never heard it called Tom’s Pizza either, but John’s mother recalls it as that when she has always visited. It might be because the family knows Tom Weaver so that’s just how they’ve referred to it. I’ve always known it as just simply “Weavers”. I remember Weavers from back in the 80s and 90s when it was across the river right outside of Watsontown. It was just a small, cozy place with a few tables and they had ice cream then like they do now. Most people took their pizzas to go back then because it was a little crowded inside or folks sat around outside with their shakes and other ice cream treats enjoying the others coming and going. I remember taking a day out from final exams as a senior and going there with my friends for lunch and having a shake too. We even went there a couple of times as a family, my Mom, Dad and I, for a milkshake. No wonder it has survived so long as a firm establishment in our area even in the toughest of economic times – who wouldn’t love a pizza and a shake?

Now they are right on Route 15 in Allenwood and, I suppose, have increased their business with people who never got to the smaller, more out of the way building outside of Watsontown. They have a bevy of antiques now in and surrounding their building including a 1950s Chrysler coming out the front of the building, a whole closed-off building full of jukeboxes, Elvis standups and soda fountains from back in the day and a Bel Air backend coming out the back of a shed in the back. But the pizza and ice cream seems the same and so does the friendly atmosphere. The in-laws seemed to think so too and their trip is now almost complete. Tomorrow they will head home, car full of birch beer and sourdough pretzels, satisfied with their trip down memory lane.


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