The Mexican Hat Dance Makes Me Hungry

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We all have heard the tune. Even if you think you haven’t – you have. And now you too have it in your head by just hearing the title, it’s THAT addicting. Hearing it makes me long for Mexican cuisine. Probably because it’s one of the few Mexican songs I know and the other tunes I hear in my local Mexican restaurants are in a foreign language (a duh) so I don’t know the words. To me, as bad as it sounds, they are all the Mexican Hat Dance. And hearing it makes me hungry. It also makes me have little people do the dance in my head, but that’s a different blog.
So when I heard the tune in my head this time I knew where we were headed for dinner. In this part of the state we have few choices for Mexican food. My date for the evening, otherwise known as my husband, and I prefer Ozzie & Mae’s Hacienda on

4th Street

in Williamsport. ( It’s SO good that we even braved the Little League traffic to satisfy our thirst for their delicious fare. Once again during this visit, we were not disappointed.

To be fair I have to point out that my husband has lived in Mexico at one point for a short time and he has made it clear to me that the “Mexican” food we have in the states ISN’T the same. Nonetheless, I love it. He claims the dishes in Mexico are actually less spicy. Which makes me think I’d love it even more there.
I always get the flautas at the Hacienda and John always gets enchiladas. We are a duo of consistencies, but we know what we like. The flautas are made with a corn tortilla instead of a flour one and they are just so crispy and yummy. They cut them into little finger-length portions too which makes me think I’m just having appetizers (so I can say for my diet “But I just had appetizers!”). Each one has the slighest dollop of chipotle cream sauce on it – enough for me because otherwise they’d be too spicy. (It’s like they KNOW me.) Their website says they “add a pinch of love for added flavor” – THAT must be what makes it SO good.
The atmosphere is like what I would imagine a Mexican cantina to be like and it feels very much like family all over the place. They even have family photos on the wall and we feel like we’re visiting old Mexican relatives. I just can’t explain otherwise why I feel SO joyful in this place….. wait, is that a mariachi I hear…..nah, must just be my full tummy singing with happiness.

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