A New Day Dawning

My First Blog, Uncategorized
So…. I haven’t blogged in awhile. Do you know why? Well, first off, we’ve been faced recently in our area with the most torrential downpours, weird thunder storms, road wash outs and flooding in over two decades and secondly, we are saving for our upcoming vacation to the Outer Banks.
I could state that, thirdly, we’ve been stressed out daily about our trip to the Outer Banks (or OBX) because they, too, have faced the most devastating hurricane season in years. Our beloved island that we call home for one week out of the year is currently almost inaccessible. Our rental home there is, perhaps, NOT there anymore.
Every day I peruse Facebook looking at the carnage from around our region, and beyond, and it puts everything in my little life into perspective in a huge way. Just yesterday on Facebook I saw friends with flooding damage who may not get back into their homes for weeks; friends with businesses that are now renovating, again, due to the water; friends with cancer; friends with children being bullied in school; and friends facing life altering circumstances.
And I’m worried about my vacation.
And, as an insurance agent, I’ve spent the last several work days informing people that no, in fact, they have no coverage for that water seeping into their basement – most homeowners policy do not pay for that. No coverage for the river that came up as high as the great “72 flood” because they didn’t purchase flood insurance. Bleak answers to people trying to find hope in their circumstances. Feeling as though I can not help at all.
So, blogging friends and listeners, I have not ventured out to have adventures. I have not ventured out to have fun and play in this great land of ours. Instead, I have ventured out to pray for my friends and the people of this area. I have ventured out to seek some hope in their recovery.
Today, I see that Knoebels is mostly shining as bright as ever thanks to their faithful employees. They may open this weekend or next despite the several feet of water that just 4 days ago looked like it had wiped out the beloved park for good.
Today, my friend with cancer had a good day. She was not ill from the medication. She is alive for another day to play with her son and spend time with her husband.
Today, even though he faces major renovations, my friend is glad for many hands that made his mountain of work less.
Today, the road to OBX is being repaired so the residents can return to their homes.
Today, some prayers have been answered.

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