So this is what being a writer is all about….

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I started this blog a few months back because I thought it would be fun. I wanted to shed some light on my little rural community and it’s activities. I also endeavored to try and hone my writing skills. I’ve just delved into this writing thing about a year ago after some gentle nudging from my friend Roberta. It was to be a creative outlet for me after almost ten years of turning my back on my creativity.

I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from Millersville University, where my main focus was graphic design, in 1996. I spent more than six years after college in the graphic design industry and had five different employers, in three different cities, in those six years. I finally tossed it all in after I was laid off for the second time right after 9/11.

In college, one of our very positive and encouraging professors had told us we would burn out as graphic designers within ten years. Because the previous sentence is obviously sarcasm, it pains me to now agree with this particular prof because I burnt out from design within six. I didn’t even care to have another job in it. Still don’t as a matter of fact.

In 2002, three months after my lay off, I turned my back on it all because I just needed a job. Any job. That’s how I got into insurance. Not the most creative career one can get but, at the time, I just wanted to forget all the pains of designing to meet peoples needs (why does every business owner want to put their dog or child in the ad when they’re selling caskets or cars?) and build something else.

It’s funny how God uses certain events in our lives to change things around. Being laid off and burnt out from design only six years after graduating made me feel like a huge failure. Not only to me, but to my parents even more because they had given their hard earned money to make it all happen. Beginning in the insurance industry was difficult, but as I worked my way up the ladder I regained the confidence back that I had thought I lost.

Now almost ten years after turning my back on the whole ‘design biz’ I find myself creating our church’s bulletin, maintaining their website and keeping their social media current. I also work on small jobs for friends and family, mostly ‘pro bono’ and, recently, I’ve started writing this blog and some small devotionals (still currently unpublished though….). It’s as if we almost can’t suppress our most deepest desires and talents. God won’t let us. He knows where our talents lie at all times – even if we try to toss them aside or bury them deep inside.


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