Change is a-coming

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As we get closer and closer to Christmas time people are very concerned about what they will get or give for the big day, but what about the week after? It’ll be time again to make resolutions and start another year in our lives. What changes do you look forward to in the new year?

I am contemplating a job change. It’s a big one since I’ve been at my current job for almost ten years now. If I changed jobs it would be losing the comfort of my every day job life. It would mean meeting new people and driving a new way to work. It may save me money, but it might change the stress in my life – for good or bad. It could be the biggest mistake of my life or it could be the best change I’ve ever made. There is much to consider.

As for most people I’m also going to continue my struggle with my weight. I resolve to change my eating habits and change my exercise regime. Will I be successful this year?

Change can be for our good, but it can also create stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. Why do we resolve to do these things right after the biggest, stressful holiday of the year? Just when we’ve stuffed ourselves full of all the decorated cookies, potluck dinners, candy canes and hot mulled cider we could get our fills of – we decide to add more stress by making life altering resolutions!

It’s a lot of pressure this change thing. Perhaps I better go get a cookie and think it over…..

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