A Brand New Year

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I spent New Years Eve with some very dear friends this year. We have connected as friends despite being years apart in age and in completely different stages of our lives. We became even closer this past year because we both had a crappy 2011 and we both had needed someone to lean on. So on this very last day of the dreaded 2011 and at the stroke of midnight we were contemplating, in our slightly inebriated stupors, how it could be better in the coming year.

I’m starting a new job and her family is, hopefully, all finding their way in the world.

“It’s going to be a much better year!” I exclaimed, “It almost HAS to be!”

“NO, NO,” my friend replied, “Let’s hope, instead, for a dull, boring year! May we have the quietest year ever!”

We broke down into laughter combined with tears and hugs in agreement.

And that’s why I love her. She teaches me to expect good things, but she also helps me keep it real. We don’t need to lose 100 pounds this year or become millionaires. We don’t need to have mad, passionate love everyday. We don’t need to live in a mansion and have all the most influential friends. Instead let’s pray for the husband who loves us even at our lowest, most un-sexy state. Who tucks us in when we’re ill and loves us despite the drops of snot glistening our upper lip. Hope for a warm, welcoming home that you love to come home to. Seek out friends who love you for YOU and vice versa and who encourage you to grow, learn and examine. Desire to be the best you you can be no matter what your size, what designer you’re wearing, or what your bank balance says.

Let go of the things you can’t change. Let go of the bitterness and ill-will you may be holding inside about something or someone who did you wrong. LET GO of last year. Embrace, instead, the friends like mine who make you laugh, make you smile, and loves every part about you – even the bitterness when it just won’t go away.

You’ll find that you won’t have the most exciting, glamorous life of anyone you know, but believe me, if you are lucky to have a friend like mine and a husband like mine, it WON’T be boring and dull. And you will be rich.


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