Forwarding the joy?

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So here we are again in another week filled with work, deadlines, bills, illness, snow, car troubles, family issues and relationship woes. Where do we find the joy when it seems we’re so surrounded by the negatives? I don’t know about you, but my role models were pretty negative people. Nothing was ever good enough, no one ever did their work sufficient enough and I certainly did not get good enough grades or try hard enough.

So how, now, do we separate ourselves from that negativity and see the beauty, positivity and joy surrounding us? My husband and I have a theory: Write it down. Say it out loud. For instance: I have a well paying job. I have a warm, comforting home. I have a husband who adores me. Those things bring me joy. Now sometimes the job is stressful and the husband irritating, but the BASICS of those things always bring me joy.

This week alone my husband was blessed with an additional $50 and I was published for a second time for a bonus of $20. That’s $70 extra bucks we hadn’t planned on this week! (IRS don’t take note!) These things brought us joy.

Now my task is this: How can I give as well as I receive? It’s easy for me to see the joy in my life. How do I give it back?


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