A Valentine Story

My First Blog, Uncategorized

Back in 2007 I was dating the guy who would, two years later, be my husband. We had been dating for less than a year and were over 1000 miles apart from one another. He lived in Baltimore and I lived in Central PA. It would be the first Valentine’s Day for us, but we would be apart. It was like a cruel joke for me because I had not been in love since 2002 and had spent every VDay inbetween by myself. Now I finally had someone whom I wanted to share this special day with and we could not physically make it happen.

What I didn’t know was that John had made plans to surprise me at work that day. Valentine’s Day had fallen on a Wednesday. but he intended to leave work early and drive the three hours to be with me. He had made dinner reservations and had purchased my favorite flower – calla lilies – from our favorite florist. Weeks of planning ahead. The flowers were the full-sized calla lilies, which were NOT in season and were a special order. I can still only surmise what their cost would have been.

Fate had different plans in store for us.

Valentine’s Day 2007 brought with it over 1 foot of snow for our area. John’s plans were tragically doused by the flakes. He could not make it the three hour trek in the snow – the roads were simply too bad.

Instead I received the largest bouquet of calla lilies I have ever seen sans boyfriend. I had no vase large enough to contain them. Because it was so cold I had to cover them when I took them home so they would not freeze in the process.

John called me and explained the whole thing – I was devastated and, yet, more in love than ever. No one had ever even attempted to make this kind of gesture for me. And these attempts would continue throughout our relationship – holiday or no. He truly takes care of me everyday of the year and shows his love for me every single moment we are together.

Now five years later and three years into our marriage, we rarely ever celebrate Valentine’s Day the way others do. John’s work, due to their budget season restraints, typically makes him work late on the 14th .We sometimes make dinner reservations for the weekend prior or after the day, but it never seems quite the same. It’s almost as if we are just not meant to celebrate the day.

But this year I was reminded that, even though we often don’t get to celebrate this one day together, we are truly meant for one another. This year…. we got each other the same card. (Do you KNOW how many Valentine’s Day cards are out there? We bought the SAME. EXACT. ONE.)

And even though I like the flowers, like the extra ‘stuff’ and like to be reminded of his love for me I know that it isn’t just about this one day. It’s about the LIFE. Love one another every day, not just one day a year. Remind each other every moment, every day, even on the bad days that you love one another. It’ll make every day seem like Valentine’s Day. :o)


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