A (late) Valentine for my husband

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Okay. So I wrote this about a month ago and then Valentine’s Day came and went and I forgot to post it. BUT – only two days late and I still wanted him to see it. So:

A Valentine for my Husband

My husband is like no other. I am so entirely blessed by him every day that I wanted to write this Valentine to him for everyone to see.

My husband is awesome from head to toe. And I can prove it:

His head holds an enormous brain. He uses this brain to take care of our money and to fix odds and ends around our home so I don’t have to. He uses his brain to think of me and make my life easier.

His uses his beautiful hazel/blue eyes to watch out for me. His eyes can discern even the slightest change in my body language so he can ask “What’s up poodle?”

His mouth speaks encouraging words when I am sad and can make me laugh with the simplest joke or funny voice. He tells me every day that he loves me.

His shoulders are always ready for me to cry on. They bear the brunt of my tears and fears.

His arms hold me close and embrace me tightly.

His hand holds my hand, even in public where everyone can see that he is mine and I am his. His hands massage my neck when it’s been a stressful day and they stroke my back when I can’t sleep.

His stomach rumbles for the taste of my cooking. He devours it all and tells me it’s good even if it isn’t that great.

His thighs help him to run to my side when I need him and walk beside me in our life together.

His knees are probably sore and calloused from kneeling in prayer asking our Lord why I’m always so grumpy. But I hope he is also thanking God too for bringing me into his life (on the days I’m NOT grumpy).

His feet are firmly planted on the ground – grounded and strong in every situation. A man more firmly planted in his faith I have never known.

Combine all these things and I think I have proven my point. From head to toe my husband is the best husband any girl could have. I wish him the best Valentine’s Day of all. I love you.


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