Let Yesterday Be… Remembered

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Yesterday I had a horrible day. Several customers called to yell at me for things that were not my fault and were beyond my control. I had piles and piles of work on my desk and could not get one single thing done without being interrupted by another task. I began to become frustrated and my defenses started to crumble. I snapped at my boss (who is a pretty good natured guy so he took it well and slunk off to his office to leave me alone while I cooled off). I yelled at my husband who was working late and couldn’t he see that I needed him?

Even writing that now I realize – wow, how selfish. I am overwrought still with thinking about how badly I reacted to certain things yesterday. Things just did not go well throughout the entire day. No matter what I did and how I tried to calm myself – it just got worse. By the end of the evening I was tired and frustrated and I did not have my husband, my lifeline and my support system, to turn to. And he, in turn, was having an equally bad day at work and had no one to vent to either.

So, you wonder, what now is the revelation?

Here it is: Even though I had a crappy day – my co-workers supported me. Something, in my new job, I am not yet used to. They each tried to reassure me, tried to help me, tried to ease my tension and my burdens. And my boss told me how good I was doing and that I was getting “high marks” by making his job easier. He also wants me to further my schooling – at his expense. What a true blessing. One I didn’t realize I had.

My husband, in turn, did not lash out at me. Which he certainly could have done. After all, he had a bad day too and could have easily told me where to go. But, unlike me, he has a better grasp on his emotions. A better sense of what’s truly important in the long run. Even though I only saw him for about thirty minutes yesterday – they were a pretty good thirty minutes. His smile and his eye contact makes me feel like I am the only thing that ever matters. It’s why I hate to NOT be around him – he makes me feel so wonderful. And I can’t wait to see him again tonight – even if it’s only for fifteen minutes this time.

Yesterday I had one customer call to tell me he was upset because he was being cancelled. He was being cancelled for a bad check, but when I explained it and how we could fix it he didn’t want to hear it. He just wanted someone to yell at. So I took it and hung up the phone – upset that someone was mad. It’s my goal to make my customers happy. But then, about an hour later, another customer called to thank me for helping her. I had been “so helpful” she said and it really put her at ease. At the time I thought “Oh, that’s nice. I helped at least one person today.” Now, I’d rather focus on that phone call than the other one.

So today I remember yesterday, but not that it was a bad day or about all the horrible things that happened, but, instead, about all the good that was there that I didn’t see until now. And I am thankful that God tried to lighten my load yesterday. Even if I didn’t notice it until today.


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