Another lesson in spreading joy

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I’m a regular on Facebook. I get on everyday and check out what’s going on with my ‘friends’. I know many people would say “what a waste of your time!”, but I disagree. I have friends all over the country and Facebook keeps me in touch with them and all of their life happenings. We pray for one another, we encourage each other and we sympathize with each other. I’ve asked for prayer, I’ve prayed for others, just this past week my friends encouraged me with my weight loss efforts and I encouraged a friend with a sick dog.

Even though Facebook seems to some cold and unfriendly – to me, and many others, it’s a place to truly connect in our busy lives. There are times when I have felt more love from absent, Facebook friends than I have from people in my daily life.

Just this week I noticed that a high school classmate of mine was opening an apparel store in our town. (The Downtown Exchange – check them out on Facebook or downtown Milton) She had taken to Facebook to spread the word so I ‘shared’ her link and asked my circle of friends to check it out too. Her and I had never been close friends in school and had, in fact, not spoken probably since graduation. But I admire people who try to start their own businesses and, even though we aren’t of a similar sort, I wanted to help in any way I could. In fact, we were not even Facebook friends at the time I shared her post. I ‘befriended’ her so I could keep up on her progress.

The next day she wrote me this post: Thank you sue!! I actually had a customer today that came in from reading your post!! Tysm!! I appreciate your support!”  I was blown away. I had affected someone’s success with a small post on a social media website. My heart soared for her. And for me. I had spread joy without even thinking about it! More importantly, I had spread God’s love with someone I had not spoken to in over 10 years. The power of Facebook.


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