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In April 2010 I traveled to Galveston, Texas as part of a group of people to help rebuild homes that had been devastated by Hurrican Ike. Although the trip was more about Christian development and helping people that were in need it was also about something completely unforgettable: Leon’s In & Out BBQ. Leon’s had the most tasty BBQ I had ever had. We all raved about it and tried to get the recipe. We even tried to get Leon to come back to Pennsylvania with us. When we got home we had spoken to our husbands so much about how good it was–this was the scene that greeted us after a long week away:

Even they wanted Leon, and his BBQ, to come back to PA.

Fortunately, I did not have to buy a plane ticket back to Leon’s. On Saturday my husband and I traveled, instead, to Williamsport, PA to the (very-close-to-Leon’s) Acme BBQ. ( Now when I say it was close to Leon’s I mean that the menu and the BBQ were similar. We got ample plates of food, just like at Leon’s, and the smell was exactly the same (I had flashbacks as soon as I walked into the place). It was small like Leon’s inside and you could tell that the people wanted us to have a good meal.

What was different at Acme was this: eight different kinds of sauces to enhance the already fabulous flavor. Everything from sweet blueberry to spicy habanero (which BTW Pastor Jim – is REALLY hot and you’ll love it) and a “Golden Mustard” that I would have smeared on just about anything. PLUS – they have this item called a “Pig Roll” and I want about twenty more right this minute. It is basically a pulled pork egg roll. Can you say “YUM”? (And at $2 each… it could get dangerous.)

And that brings me to this – the worst part about Acme BBQ. It is not good for the diet. And that is the only bad part.

Seriously – why are you still reading this? Get yourself to Acme BBQ!! (Or, if you’re in Texas, go to Leon’s!)


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