The Perils of a Busy Lifestyle

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This weekend I had a Ladies Luncheon that I both helped organize and attended. It didn’t take a lot of my time until the actual day, but it just so happened to be on the same day as a work dinner I had to attend. This meant getting up early, getting our groceries, making food for the luncheon, picking an outfit, going early to help set up, enjoy the luncheon, help with games and socialize, clean up after the luncheon, run home, spend two minutes relaxing, freshen up, change clothes and head back out the door for the dinner, spend the next three hours (or more… it’s a blur) smoozing with people I don’t know and being uncomfortable in a setting that was way out of our league. Come home. Crash. What a day! How do the Housewives of Beverly Hills do it? Oh wait… they have assistants, hair stylists and other such lackies to do all the heavy lifting.

My two outfits from this Saturday – quite the Fashionista!:

In the center of all this was my husband. He helped move tables for the luncheon. He helped me make the food. He sat at the doorway and took the admission. He came and helped clean up. He put on a suit he hates to wear and mingled with people he didn’t know. Smiling the entire time. Enjoying himself and laughing, making jokes and squeezing in a hug for me every once in awhile. How does HE do it?

My husband and I have been leading a busy lifestyle lately. Many functions and events have taken our focus away from our home and each other. But he has found a way to be there with me and to fit into the plans I have made for us. In a marriage it’s about finding that time, even if it’s only two minutes, to say “I love you” – even if it isn’t with words.

We recently had a small spat. It resulted from long days at our jobs and busy nights and weekends. We simply had no time to even catch our breaths, much less catch up with one another. We felt distant and the strain showed it’s ugly face during a simple conversation. Since then we’ve both tried to make more of an effort despite being tired and having long days. A marriage takes work. Even when your actual work is weighing you down you barely have time to sleep.

And when it was all said and done this weekend – we went kayaking. A breather. To sit on the water and just say “Ahh…” You might say: “But this was just another activity!” – not for us. It’s that moment to let your mind wander and to thank God for all you have and all He’s surrounded you with. The sky, the trees, the water, the birds and fish (which were JUMPING!) and your husband – relaxing against the back of his kayak – turning back to smile at you with eyes that say “Yeah, this is what I’ve been waiting for all weekend”. No fancy clothes, no scumptious dinners, no other people even to ruin the moment. Just him and I, the water, the sun and the quiet.

And the worst part about this moment right here: I couldn’t be in the kayak with him – snuggled against him and feeling the added peace of the security he offers while being my husband.

Thank you Lord for all your opportunities – but thank You most of all for this person I share my life and the opportunities with. Without him – and You – it would be meaningless.


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