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What makes a writer a writer?

I’ve been trying at my hand at this writing thing for over a year now. I’ve been published twice and, still, I don’t feel like a writer. So…. I went to a writer’s conference. “It’s what writers do,” I thought. But when I got here I heard from many that what writer’s actually do is…. write. *GASP!* I hadn’t written this blog in months. I hadn’t written anything in months. My new job, home remodeling, family issues, and, well, LIFE kept getting in the way.

So how do I start again? How do I pick up where I left off or do I even want to pick up where I left off? What do I write ABOUT? How do I show these bonafide writers at this bonafide conference about writing that I’m not a writing fraud?

My answer: write about writing! As one teacher said today: “Movies move” In other words: DO something. Do not be idle, do not just THINK about writing all day long–actually WRITE. It’s harder than it sounds. I have images in my head all day. I have scenarios play out and I even see the words, but I don’t write them down at that moment because it is typically in the middle of talking one of my customers off their ledge, wrangling my dog to go outside so he won’t pee in the house, or taking the time to actually see and TALK with my husband after a busy day.

My writer friend says: “That’s why you need a notebook.” And she’s right. And I have one. I just never write in it! When I get the notebook out to write something down my mind goes blank. “Where did that very specifically, wonderfully written piece of prose that was in my head go?” I desperately question myself. “No idea” it responds. “Thanks, you’re no help!” And now I am arguing with myself…. this isn’t helping!

So I start with this blog. And even though there are few of you out there who are reading it, I pledge to write this blog more, to attach my notebook to my hip, to wake myself completely up in the middle of my ambien-induced sleep every night when a good thought for a book arises, to write everything down that I can think of even when my mind goes blank and to just simply WRITE.

Now where did I leave that notebook?


3 thoughts on “A Writer… Writes

  1. You should have told me before I left. I bought ten of them at the auction — I'd have shared a couple of them. It was nice meeting you at the conference, hope you'll come again.

  2. You should have told me – I have 20 more at home just like the ones Ms. Young bought at the auction. LOL I bought 40 of them last summer at the “back to school” sale just after the conference because… 'writers write' and I was feeling pretty optimistic on how much paper I'd need before it went on sale again.

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