A snooty good time

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Saturday evening my husband and I went on a little date night. We went to see a late afternoon showing of new Will Ferrell movie “The Campaign” (really funny, but vulgar language – be prepared) and then to The Siam Cafe in Lewisburg (http://www.siamlewisburg.com/). John had wanted to try it for awhile and our friend’s daughter works there too, but we just hadn’t gotten the chance until now.

As soon as we entered we noticed the smell. Dear Lord it was heavenly. We were pretty sure we’d be well fed just from the wafting aromas. We scurried to a table by the window to await the deliciousness.

The place is small with only a few tables, but it creates a wonderful small cafe feel (and probably traps in that glorious scent). It was warm – I think because they must not have AC – but we joked that it created a genuine Thailand feel (hot and humid!). The waitresses were friendly and quickly asked us for a drink order. They seemed to almost fall over themselves to bring us what we wanted and were helpful with our small requests (I asked for decaf hot tea and artificial sweetener.) We sat back and awaited our plates of goodness while checking out the passing sidewalk scenery.

Then we heard her. A gaunt, nasty woman scolding the waitress over a small infraction. She was “unkind”. This is the best way I can describe it here. Very unkind.

She seemed to think she was a movie star. She had larger-than-necessary sunglasses on inside the building, a cardigan (in the room I just described as “hot and humid”) and a maxi dress. Her fingernails were long, sharp and red to match her thin, red lips.

I only figured out she wasn’t someone famous because she had on really tacky, sad looking foam sandals. Her grandchild was making a complete mess by flinging noodles onto the floor and then later crawling through them. (I know “ew”.) When the staff opened the front door for some air the small child practically walked right out the door because her and her daughter-in-law were so oblivious. She called her back like a dog: “NO! Come here girl. Come here! Good girl!!” (ugh)

We felt bad for the waitresses. They were trying very hard to please her to no avail. When she ordered Thai coffee, which she said she LOVED, they didn’t have cream for it but had sweetened condensed milk instead (which is apparently traditional). She proceeded to have a minor hissy fit and then asked for it “to go” so she could put her own creamer in it at home. I’m sorry… if it’s coffee the way they make it in Thailand and they use sweetened condensed milk then that’s the way you’ve had it before. What you had now… was coffee.

It was clear she was only seeing them as servants and not human beings. I would like to plead with my readers: don’t treat people disrespectfully. Would you like to be a waitress? Do you think it’s an easy job? It’s not. Please be nicer than this woman was. And keep your kids in their seats and don’t let them fling food about. People have to clean that stuff up. You’re in a restaurant, not your own home with servants.

But I digress. We tried to put it out of our minds and enjoyed our food instead. My plate of Pad Thai was gigantic. I asked for it “mild” even though you can get it “not spicy”. I was fearful it would be too spicy because I do not like much spice in my food, but it was the most perfect Pad Thai I have ever had. (I admit I have not had a lot.) John had some Massaman Curry “medium” and he enjoyed it as the sweat beading on his forehead and ran down his nose.

We had Spring Rolls for appetizers with a Sweet Chili Sauce – do not let the “chili” word throw you off. Even if you don’t like spice you MUST try it. It has some heat, but the sweetness is so perfect. Delish!

To top it all off we went down to the Sweet Shoppe for some ice cream. (They do have desserts at Siam, but we were feeling ice cream.) But the Sweet Shoppe is no longer. It is not the “Stay Sweet Cupcakery”, which doesn’t have cupcakes YET, but they will. They still have ice cream too. They have a place in Selinsgrove and are opening one in Lewisburg now too. The owner was super nice to us so I can’t wait to try out the cupcakes. Here is her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stay-Sweet-Cupcakery/262652510417852

Two new places we will frequent again. Despite the clientele.


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