Rejection Rumination

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I was rejected twice today. My devotional writings were rejected twice in one day. Actually they both came within minutes of each other so it was two rejections in less than five minutes! So I sat back and ruminated on what this meant.

Does it mean I should quit writing?
I truly feel like God has given me creative talents and I should use them. I never used to think this way until I met my husband. This sounds harsh, but he has almost no creativity and almost no spontaneity. He has difficulty picking out paint colors (if it isn’t the standard computer set of colors he doesn’t know what color it is!) and freezes if I ask him to pick a place for dinner at 4PM. However, his talents are crunching numbers and finance–two things for which I have no use. We’re all given our own unique talents by God. Somewhere along the way He is going to see that they are used for His glory. Some time in my future I am going to write something that someone will see and be blessed by. So I don’t think I should give up writing.

Should I change who my audience is?
Maybe. I’ve tried to branch out to more avenues than just devotionals. I’ve started this blog and I’ve submitted to other markets. Devotionals though are what I love. They are short, concise and they make me think about my relationship with God. I hope someday my devotionals will help others think about their relationship with God. I think I’ll keep writing devotionals, but try other markets and expand my skills in the process.

Does this mean God doesn’t want me to write?
I don’t think so. He has given me success. He has encouraged me through friends and other writers. I have some writer friends who truly believe in me – why shouldn’t I believe in myself? The Bible says that God does all things for our good. ALL things. That means even these rejections are for my GOOD. Just look at how they’ve caused me to write this blog! I don’t think God wants me to stop writing.

Does this mean that I’m not delving deep enough into my relationship with God?
I think so. Devotional writing is about seeing what the Bible says and applying it to our daily lives. Devotionals tend to make us think about what we’re doing in our lives that could be different, how we could be closer to God and what He wants for our lives. Maybe I’m making it too simplistic. Maybe I’m not seeing the bigger picture He has for my life. I think I’ll start reading my Bible more.

In conclusion: rejections are not always bad. They should cause us to think about what we could have done better, differently, more concisely and with more effort.

Thank you Lord for this message today. It was a tough pill to swallow, but I intend to use it for Your glory and for my good. Amen.


One thought on “Rejection Rumination

  1. A couple weeks ago, while watching The Voice, I was struck by something. Here were people barely into their twenties saying, “This is it. If I don't make this, I'm going to go back to… (insert mundane occupation for the musically gifted)” I thought of all the times I quit, and I realized… no matter what bump you hit today, This Isn't IT. This is just today. This is your talent today, your submissions today, your responses today. Sometimes they have intrinsic meaning (only you and God can figure that out) and sometimes they are just bumps on a road that isn't broken in yet.

    Just because your devotional isn't accepted by a publication doesn't mean God isn't speaking through them. Perhaps he just has a different audience in mind.

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