A "To Do" List for the New Year… ?

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Today I was bored at work and my ever helpful, and way too energetic, friend Heather suggested a few things I could do. Most of them involved being at home (some of which I filed for later… when I am at home), but one caught my eye that I could do at work (since today is a slow day – I am not slacking!): a bucket list, or a list of things I want to do. I decided it would be a good blog post and might encourage the rest of my friends to 1) do the same thing and 2) keep me on track to achieve these goals!

1) Make more time for my husband. We already spend a large amount of time together, but it’s frequently “chore” time – not “quality” time. I want more quality: fun, laughter, love, kisses and hugs.

2) Go to a tropical place for the holidays. Okay… this won’t happen next year, but I would love to do it. My friend Janyce is in Mexico this holiday season and has been posting the most amazing pictures and making all of her Facebook friends jealous with her sun, adventure and alcohol filled days. She’s done a good job: I am super jealous. Plus, I would be tan way before all my other friends.

3) Spend more time with God. I try to spend a good amount of time now with Him, but let’s be honest… the amount of time we spend cooking, cleaning, hanging out with friends, watching tv and basically doing nothing is a LOT more time then we spend with our Lord. That should be changed.

4) Communicate better.

5) See other’s perspectives – walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

6) Keep in touch with people I really care about. Spend time with people who I will miss when they are gone. I am missing my grandmother and my husband’s grandfather this year something fierce. I don’t really know why this year is harder, but it is and I can’t ever get that time back. I vow to not let it happen with others.

7) Write my blog more often. Make more of an effort with my writing.

8) Do not negate my own wants/needs for the wants/needs of others. Find a balance.

9) Try something new. I already have this one in the works. I’ve signed up at church to help with Children’s Church… and I am frightened. I know all the kids, but it still scares me… but I’m bigger than they are – how bad can it be?

10) Find more joy. I think if I accomplish the above nine things I’ll be well on my way.

Happy New Year!


One thought on “A "To Do" List for the New Year… ?

  1. I had an awesome comment and it got lost! Ok, trying to recall:
    Ah, balance, the one thing currently eluding me the most in life. I'm relieved to know I'm not alone!
    You have a great list and I think labeling it “to do” rather than “resolutions” is extremely profound! And I week be one of the friends inspired to wrote my own list. Thank you, and may 2013 bless you tenfold!

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