The Definition of Joy

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I couldn’t sleep last night and I started thinking about this:

How can I find joy? I don’t know. That’s why I’m having this thought process. And why I am up and not sleeping.

What is joy? Not sure, look up definition. (See below.)

When did I last experience joy? hmmm… that’s a harder one. When DID I last experience joy?

One of the Merriam Webster definitions of “joy” is: “a source or cause of delight.” American Heritage calls it “Intense and especially ecstatic or exultant happiness.” It is often referred to in the Bible, but how can we truly experience and feel “joy” or a “exultant happiness?”

As I thought about it I couldn’t think of anything recently that had made me joyful in that definition. My wedding day was certainly joyful. I was pretty exultant happy that day, but that has been almost four years now. Has it been four years since I experienced joy?!? No… no… of course not… wait… has it been? No, I experienced joy just yesterday while watching my little god daughter recite the story of Jesus’ birth. My heart burst in my chest when she was able to answer questions about Him.The smile on her face caused me to smile too because I was so proud and her sweet little voice speaking Jesus’ name almost made me cry. THAT’S joy.

(get a puppy I say – that would make ME joyful)

However, in my opinion we don’t experience joy quite enough. I don’t have children – but I can certainly see where they bring joy. Examine a small child – they experience joy almost daily. Seriously – DAILY. New things bring them the utmost happiness: a new toy, a new friend, a rainbow, Mommy’s kiss, a sunset, a puppy or kitty or a plethora of other, relatively small, things. But as adults we tend to put more pressure on what makes us happy – we look for MORE – and tend to be less happy, less joyful. How can we change that?

I think as adults we are more jaded and more accustomed to the “everyday-ness” of life. We don’t see anything as “new” so it isn’t “joyful”. A child is fascinated with everything because they haven’t experienced it yet. Our movies now have to be bigger and more grandiose (and 3D!!) just because as adults we’ve become too apathetic. But my little god daughter made me have joy because I could see the newness through her eyes and I could feel her joy radiating from her.
I’m still not sure where to find all my joy, but it’s a journey I intend to keep persuing until I find some more. Pure, unadultered JOY, exultant happiness, BLISS even.
To help me out – let me know: where do you find joy?

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