New Found Joy = Weight Loss?

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Since my last blog and since the beginning of this new year I have been trying harder to not only find joy, but also in losing weight. It’s not a new goal really – I’ve struggled with my weight since I have been born and I have always been overweight. My true goal in keeping with the joy goal is to just be healthier and to have less weight and, hopefully as a result, less pain.


You see I have a crooked hip. It’s a common ailment especially amongst women who have bigger bottom portions, of which I am one. For instance, I can wear a medium, or sometimes even a small, sized top, but my pants have always had to be larger. Add to it the problem that my waist is MUCH smaller than my (crooked) hips and the chances of me finding a pair of pants that fits properly is next to nil.

My larger sized thighs and hips are also causing, in part, my crookedness. The weight weighs me down (imagine that!) and I sit for the largest portions of my day so that makes it worse.

Let’s break it down: I get up at 7:20 am, get ready for work and out the door and to my desk my 9 am. Then I sit until Noon with little to no movement up off my arse. Then I go to the park, usually, for lunch where I sit in my car and eat my lunch. Then at 1 pm I go back to work and sit until roughly 5 pm. That’s over 9 hours of sitting per day if I didn’t then go home and, often, sit and watch tv most of the evening. I go to bed between 10 and 11 pm which means I am on my BUTT up to 11 hours per day and have only been awake 15!!

I think most Americans have this same lifestyle and we wonder “why can’t I lose weight?”

It is quite obvious to me that I need to move more to weigh less. So I have been getting up in the mornings and taking the dog for short walks. Sometimes only 10 minutes. Then I walk at lunch at the park where there are tons of walking spaces. That gets me moving between 10 and 30 minutes. Then I go to the gym after work and try to do at least 40 minutes of exercise. During the work day I’m trying to get up more, walk around more often and do less multitasking. That’s right LESS – going to another room for two different tasks takes more walking time. Yes, it can slow down my day and I don’t do it if I’m swamped, but if I’m not… why not?

Adding just the walking to my daily schedule means that I am moving up to an hour more a day – sometimes more. I’ve also started tracking my food intake too to make sure I’m not overdoing it there as well.

But here’s the best part: the added walking times have increased my joy! When I get out with the dog in the morning fresh air fills my lungs and shakes off the rest of my post-slumber haze. Plus I get to spend time with my puppy! When I go for walks at lunch my food doesn’t sit like a lump in my belly causing indigestion and distress all afternoon. It also perks me up to get past that mid-afternoon lull. I feel more energetic and… happier! My mind is clearer, my sinuses are unstuffed (due to the fresh air) and I feel like I’m achieving a goal.

Simple steps (pun intended) towards a larger goal. How are you doing on your journey?


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