Finding the Best me

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I am starting this new page on my blog dedicated to my new pursuit of finding the best me. This journey has been ongoing for the past thirty eight years, but is now truly taken over my thoughts due to my impending fortieth birthday in a little under two years.

My passion has always been wanting to know more about how people tick. Why they do and say the things they do and how could we change people’s perspectives about us and the world if we just did things differently.

Why do people perceive us in a certain light, but never get to know the real us?

Why do people make so many assumptions?

What can we do individually to change these things and how can we, as a society, bring about our joy and others from it?

In essence, how can we live out what God has asked us all to do: Love one another. As well as our selves?

I’m delving into relationships, how I structure my life, how I spend my money and what I choose to think and believe. Can I make the effort to live my best life and have the best me?

You’re my inspiration, my reader, my friends, my family – you are all what makes me ponder: How can we all be happier, more in touch and less anxiety-ridden? Your input and comments will be most welcome – and please share this blog with as many folks as possible if you think it has changed your perspective or even made you just stop to think.

I will try to blog more often – this is a daily journey after all. My other blog can still be found under the tab at the top of the page (The Rural Spoon and Dish) and will be sporadic, but I still love to do food reviews too so I’m going to keep doing that too!

Please come along with me for the journey.


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