Coming Full Circle

Several months ago I was on the path to weight loss, going to the gym regularly and hitting the workouts hard. I was feeling good and looking healthier than I had in years.

Then disaster struck: my hip went out and I had to quit working out altogether, be on pain meds and see a physical therapist and a chiropractor more than twice a week. I was out of commission.

Before this happened I loved doing Zumba once a week at our gym. The pulsating music would beat down my otherwise timid personality and I would become a dancing goddess (in my mind anyway). But due to the intense pain I couldn’t continue. I could barely use the treadmill at that point. My doctors told me I have a “twisted pelvis” (must have been Elvis’s issue too…) (and why not – everything else on me is twisted too.) so I thought I would never again get back to my beloved Zumba workout.

Until today.

I have been back to the gym for more than a month now and my workouts have slowly increased in intensity. I can do more and more and go for longer time periods once again. I take care of my hip and slow down anytime it seems to be going “too” well. I stretch more and quit at the first sign of any inflammation or ache that my body gives me. I have been rewarded with a 3 pound weight loss. But I want more.

Tonight I attempt to conquer Zumba again.

And I cannot wait. I’m anxious to get that music flowing through me and to have the days tension flow out.

Tomorrow I’ll let you know how I did. (If I survive!)


About suefair48

Writer, Editor, Blogger, Christian - in the pursuit of joy and God's timing through life's simple snippets.
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