A Step in the Right Direction

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This morning I awoke a bit early and, with the first glints of sun coming in my bedroom window, I decided to take my puppy for a walk. I don’t typically have enough time in the morning to do this – I like to sleep as late as possible and then go through my routine as usual. The routine usually does not include a walk and I have most every minute timed out until I have to leave for work. But I’m constantly trying to break myself out of my own stale rut, so I decided to go for it this morning. (Plus I’m trying hard to get more exercise into my routine.)

As I got dressed and got everything I needed I realized it would mean I wouldn’t have time for my devotions. Normally every morning I get a shower, get dressed and then sit in my rocking chair with a number of devotionals (including The Secret Place of course) and my Bible and sink into God’s word. Once I have read a number of passages and devotionals then I close my eyes and pray for everyone that I can think of that needs prayer. I try very hard not to rush through this exercise.

Some mornings it’s very difficult to close my eyes without falling back to sleep. Other mornings my mind comes up completely blank or I’m just too tired to get out the prayers. On those mornings I usually say “Sorry God. It’s not happening this morning. I lift up every person that needs You today. Help them.” Simple, but still effective.

This morning, since I was going to use up that time to walk, I couldn’t do the same routine. But I could still pray. As I felt the cold wind slap my face and the dog pull on his leash I silently began praying for the long list of folks I know that need prayer.

Here is the best part. We live in a pretty small town. We know a lot of people in that town. As I walked along I started with the prayers closest to my own heart: my husband’s vigorous work schedule, my own aches and pains, my parents illnesses and some church folks needs. Then I came across a friends home. “Oh! She needs You too today God…” and I would list out the prayers I had for her. Down the block was another friends home: “Bless him today Lord.” Then I ran into a friend walking her dog and I mentally asked God to bless her too.

It was refreshing. And I don’t just mean the walk and the chilly air. It gave me a new, fresh look on my prayer life. I started looking for folks homes that I wanted to pray for and our walk got a bit longer. I got out of my rut, if only for today, and I made Him and His children my priority in prayer. I didn’t get stuck. In fact, I prayed almost the entire 25 minutes we were out.

I did miss reading my devotionals and the Bible – and that’s not something that can totally be forgotten. But I’ll just try and read more tomorrow – or read some tonight instead. Create a new routine perhaps.

How are you keeping your relationship with God fresh and new this Spring?


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