A New Way

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Recently, I was chatting with another blogger friend (you can check out her blog here: http://susanlower.com/ ) and she mentioned that she was using titles and sentences from Christian songs to spur her to write her blog. It was a way to get her motivated and I’ve been thinking about it ever since! And because I haven’t written anything here in awhile, due to my own lack of motivation, I thought: why not try it. So here goes.

I was listening to a song by Sanctus Real called “These Things Take Time”. It is one of my favorites of theirs because of the lyrics. One lyric really hits me: Why am I so afraid of the dark,
But I stray from the light?

Whew. Kind of hits you right in the gut don’it? Makes me almost want to cry with the reality of it. We spend so much of our time questioning God: “Why do you let this happen?”, “Why aren’t You listening to me?”, “Where were You?” Except… we’re the ones straying from His light, not the other way around. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we just let Him help out instead of pushing Him away? (and by the way – don’t we do this with others who try to help too?) Ouch.

In reality, it is usually our everyday lives that get in the way. Obligations, chores, family issues, work problems, medical scares… all get in the way of our relationship with God (and others too) instead of drawing us closer. We tend to withdraw into ourselves when we’re overwhelmed or confused or scared. “How can I get myself out of this” mentality. Here’s the thing: we CAN’T usually. But He can.

Here’s another lyric from this same song: How could success make us feel like failures? And the harder we fall the harder we try, The more I have the more I need, Just to feel like I’m getting by.

Sheesh, they really nail it don’t they? Why DO we do these things?

Because it isn’t enough. Our own successes aren’t really successes unless there is a deeper, more meaningful, relationship at the heart. All the success in the world cannot help us to feel secure or make our worries fall away. But a relationship with God can. It makes even our failures not sting as bad.

So why do we stray from the light when the light helps us feel secure?


One thought on “A New Way

  1. Isn't that the truth. When you're in the light, you don't know how anyone could choose another way. Then you get wrapped up in something and it slowly crowds out the light.

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