A Long, Consistent, Circular Path

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As many of you know I have been recently struggling with major hip pain. I have also been fighting the weight loss battle that so many of us battle every day in this country. The two have gone hand-in-hand for awhile now and it creates a circular path that I am walking on.

You see… if I have hip pain, which I now do almost every day, then I sometimes cannot exercise. When I cannot exercise then I cannot lose weight. If I CAN exercise, sometimes I do too much and then hurt my hip further. Do you see the circle forming? So what to do?

First of all I’ve begun exercising slower and breaking down my workouts. In the morning I try very hard to get up and take the dog for a walk around our neighborhood. The weather has been cooperating better and it helps him to get out too. Plus, I only have so much time before work in the morning so I CAN’T overdo it by walking too far – we’re usually only out for 30 mins tops. Our town is also full of great sidewalks and few hills so I can take it relatively “easy” on the walk. Sometimes we hit up the little path the town has beside the river too. It is all flat, I don’t have to dodge any traffic and I can commune with nature.

On my lunch hour I go to a local park close to work that has a nice, flat asphalt and gravel path. Again I walk for about 30 mins. And again I’m out in nature. Today as I walked around I realized these times outside are my “zen” moments. It’s so quiet and peaceful. I don’t listen to music – I just collect my thoughts, sometimes I pray, sometimes I make “to-do” lists and sometimes I just enjoy God’s creations all around me. I’m much calmer on days I can get outside.

Then, on days I can get to the gym, I like to use the Ibex machine. It’s like an elliptical, but doesn’t go “around” as much. It’s more back and forth (think that crazy exercise guy with the long ponytail and the “Gazelle” – just like that) and it’s easier on my hips. In fact, I can go for a good amount of time most days on it without any hip pain at all. The treadmill has actually caused me more pain. So I try to do 20-30 mins of that too (I can’t stand more – typically I get bored if there isn’t anything good on the gym tvs and my music is getting kind of bland too – I need to download some new stuff.)

If I’m successful I have gotten in an hour and a half of exercise in one day, but since I didn’t do it all at once I am A) not too sore and B) not exhausted. Now this is not a strenuous workout for sure and I’m not dropping any major pounds (like my newly svelte husband “the runner”), but it helps. My hip actually feels better with more movement – I don’t get stiff throughout the day – and I am at least maintaining my weight.

And the circle seems to get smaller. Or at least it’s a nice path that I can walk on.


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