The Art of Being Silly

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I saw the following posted on Facebook today:
I thought it was cute and I reposted it. Then I realized it’s true and yet I don’t do enough silly things. … Maybe that’s affecting a certain level of my happiness.
Then I started thinking: “What is considered silly?” It could be different things to different people. Silly things to me would be… wearing a goofy costume to Wal-Mart… ordering dessert instead of dinner (something my Grandmother was known to do when she was alive)… making silly faces or using a weird accent while speaking seriously (something my husband is great at doing)… or just doing something out of the ordinary.
So I was thinking about this and realized: I don’t do any of these things. I lead a pretty strict existence. I’m professional at work–even when my co-workers goof around I tend to play the “uber-professional school marm” instead. I’m serious about my marriage–I overanalyze EVERYTHING (right, honey?) And I overthink a LOT of other things too. Mostly my relationships.
This weekend my husband is running a long race and the family members/supporters can go and wait for them at the end. There is beer and food and a relatively good time (or so I am told). I had planned on going with a friend whose husband is also running, but I had planned on going later so we wouldn’t have to hang out for too long to wait. I had planned (notice how I keep saying “I HAD PLANNED”?) to do work around the house and just get chores done while he was away having his fun.
My friend put the smack down on that idea. In no uncertain terms she told me we were leaving earlier and just going to have a good ol’ time. We’d maybe do some shopping too. And we’d drink beer. And we’d just chat and hang out and RELAX. Laundry be damned.
What a concept. What do you mean I can also have a good time while he is enjoying himself? “Does not compute.” But she is a pretty convincing lady (and I seriously have no other choice because she’d just come and drag me out of the house by my ankles anyway) so… we’re going early. We’re going to be “silly”.
And I bet happiness will ensue.


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