10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

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I noticed a friend of mine (at this blog: http://fieldsofhether.blogspot.com/) was blogging everyday in May with specific themes on each day. I perused her blog and found out that she is following this blog: http://storyofmylifetheblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/blog-every-day-in-may-challenge.html which has started a challenge for bloggers to write every day in May. I’m a little late, but today’s challenge encouraged me to start. The theme today? “Ten things that make you really happy”

So here we go – in no real order:

10) Time spent outside. Especially in the warm weather. Despite all the warnings to stay out of the sun there is nothing I love more than the warmth of the sun on my skin. I love being warmed by God’s natural source. (and now that I’m older I DO use sunscreen if I’m going to be out a lot – so no preaching!)

9) My pooch. He really delights me. I can’t help it. He’s kind of goofy and no matter what my mood – he usually makes me smile with the dumb things he does. When he has to go outside he races to the door and spins in circles until I get there. It’s ridiculous. But it makes me laugh. EVERY. TIME. Sometimes he gets so excited during the circles that he loses his balances and falls. I don’t always laugh then. But usually I do.

or he photo bombs my pictures

8) Sipping hot tea. Especially in cold weather, but I drink it year round every morning. I’ve recently switched to Green Tea, which is supposed to be better for you, but I love Earl Grey. I tend to use too much sugar in my tea, but I’m cutting back on that too. There is just nothing better than a warm cup in your hands, steam drifting into your nostrils along with the herbal aroma of what is in the cup. Love it. It makes me relax just thinking about it.

this is one of my favorite mugs – love this color and design

7) A good book. I’m obviously into literature – being a writer and all – but I have found that it really is hard to find a good book today. Every free ebook on Amazon.com is not the greatest literature you’ve ever read, but occasionally there is one, by a new author (or at least one I haven’t heard of), that just makes you devour the book. The one that makes you sit up late at night, ignore all the chores and just READ until it’s done. And it’s worth reading all the other not so good ones to find it.

6) Writing. I thought long and hard for many years wondering what God really wanted me to do with my creative talents. I worked in graphic design and that made me want to NOT be creative (dealing with so many other opinions) so I got away from the creative outlet for awhile. But when a friend encouraged me to get writing – it just took off. I’m not big-time published novel writer or anything, but I find true joy in writing. It makes me happy.

5) Seeing my husband when he comes home from work. This is one of the most, typically, happy moments of my day. Like my daily cup of hot tea – he is like a relaxing elixir to me. And one of my most favorite things that makes me happy… when he kisses the curve of my neck. Every day. I get a peck on the lips and then we hug – as he’s going in for the hug he kisses that curve in my neck. It makes me so happy – every day.

4) Lists. Yep. Lists. I am OCD, but I don’t remember as well as I used to. Lists make my life easier and, therefore, happier. When I accomplish everything on that list… success! That’s why I liked this assignment and started this – it’s a list!!

3) Being around like-minded people. This isn’t to say I like to be around only people who think the way I do and speak the way I do. On the contrary – I like people with different opinions and it makes us all grow and learn more about ourselves. Nothing that I love more than a healthy debate! BUT – we all have those people who have the same basic principles in life that we are just HAPPIER to be around. Again, it’s relaxing to not be debating ALL the time.

2) Thinking about my Grandmother Florence. I loved all my grandparents, but my Gram Florence was with me longer in life. She died only a few years ago and I got to know her the best of all my grandparents as a result. She was a spitfire. I’ve written about her here before. I LOVE thinking about how she would handle a situation. It gives me fire. It gives me “gumption”. And it makes me happy when I can be like her.

1) My marriage. I positively, without a doubt, have one of the best marriages of anyone I know. I love him beyond the moon and back. He is my rock, my encourager, my enforcer, my debater, my hot tea maker (some days), and the absolute love of my life. And I am so happy God brought us together. It makes me the happiest of all.

Tune in tomorrow to see what my May 15th blogging every day assignment is!


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