A Day In The Life

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As a continuing part of the “Blog Every Day in May” challenge – today is: A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day – this could be “a photo an hour” if you’d like).

Well. I don’t have a smart phone or my camera with me so I won’t have any pics. Although I could add some later…

A day in my life is like this:

I rise about 7 am on most “good” mornings. This means that I’ve slept well and I can get my butt out of the warm confines of my bed to face another day. Today – this happened. Off to a good start.

If I am able to get up that early I get dressed and take my pooch for a walk. I was a little slow this morning so we didn’t get out the door until 7:15. As a result we only had a 15 min walk. If I can get out the door by a little after 7 we go for a longer walk.

I did not take a shower this morning. (Don’t judge.) I did nothing to warrant one yesterday and my hair still is shiny and clean so I skipped it. This gave me more time this morning to actually “do” my hair. I broke out the hot iron and it looks like someone actually had the time to do it.

After our walk I put on my makeup, did my hair and got my gym bag ready for after work. I was already wearing my work clothes (I just had on sneakers that I had to change) so I proceeded downstairs for breakfast.

I’ve been having some digestional issues so breakfast (and other meals) have been more thought-provoking as of late. I opted for some yogurt and granola, but only ate about half of it. While feeding the dog and getting my own breakfast I multi-task and make something for my lunch as well. Today it will be a small salad and some pineapple.

I eat my breakfast while watching Good Morning America. I typically try to be watching it about 8am while they do the news, weather and what’s coming up on their program in the next half hour. If it’s not something I want to see then I channel surf or go do something else. Today’s line-up held my interest so I watched.

During my morning routine I also: open the curtains/blinds, rearrange couch pillows and afghan, make the bed, let the dog out to use the “restroom”, put away any items from the night before (stray glasses, paper, etc) and do a basic “clean-up” of the downstairs. Sometimes I do the dishes.

I leave for work around 8:30, but not before filling up my water bottle with ice (while the dog prances around at my feet waiting for his ice cube to hit the floor) and water for the day.

I make sure the dog has water, his pillow and the gate to the kitchen is shut before I leave. I try to ensure he has a good day too since he will be alone for the next 8-9 hours. (This means checking to make sure no water is running, making sure no lights are still on, making sure he can’t get out, and making sure there is nothing within his reach to tear up, eat or mangle while I am at work.)

At work – I do work. Most of which involves computer work and basic office things. (Sometimes it means writing my blog, checking facebook and emailing my husband.) After work on most days I hit the gym on the way home. I will do that tonight. Usually this is anywhere from a half hour to an hour at the gym. On Wednesday’s we have Bible Study at 7pm so I will try and get home around 6 or a little after so I have time to clean-up and eat before our meeting. After that (around 8:30pm) my husband and I will try to relax, do any last minute things we need to do before tomorrow and head to bed around 10pm. We converse about our day, watch TV or read. We typically read a bit in bed too before turning out the lights.

And that is today. Barring any unforeseen circumstances! How about your day?


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