My "Lot in Life"

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Today’s blog challenge is to write about “something difficult about my ‘lot in life’ and how I’m working to overcome it.”

This is a difficult one for me. I’ve never been one to say “Oh, that’s just my lot in life. I can’t do anything about it.” I don’t think it’s true. I’ve seen many people overcome their “lot in life” to become more than society thought they could be. What is “lot in life” anyway? Why would we pigeonhole ourselves into something like that?

Sure there a lot of things I could complain about: I have aches, ailments (many unexplained at this writing) and I had an “unconventional” childhood because my Mom was ill, we lived in the country, my parents didn’t get me everything my heart desired… but I think all of those things made me who I am today. And, for the most part, I think I’m a pretty decent person.

I never strayed far from home. It wasn’t due to my family or my lack of motivation. It was more because I like my “lot in life” here in Northeastern PA. It’s a nice “neck of the woods” as they like to say around here. I like it. Do I wish I had explored other parts of the world or country more? Maybe. But I wouldn’t be in the spot I am today. And I like it here.

Even when it looks like this. I mean… C’mon – that’s pretty….

I do work to overcome some of my traits – like jealousy and being judgemental – but I wouldn’t say those things are my lot in life things.

me being jealous – she has a Special K bar….

I’m not poor – but I’m not rich.

I’m not a fine speciman of health – but I’m not dying.

I’m not dumb – but I’m not a nuclear physicist.

I’m not outgoing – but I have my share of good friends.

                   Like THIS good friend.                                                          And these.

I don’t do well with balancing the checkbook – but my husband can’t write a blog or draw a picture.

Although the hubby can dance a mean jig.

We all have our own talents. We each have our own obstacles too, but I think we need to explore them. See what God wants from us. Delve into what we can do to make our “lot in life” work for us. “Bloom where you are planted” as they say.

I’m middle of the road, growing everyday, creative, street-smart, friendly and passionate. And that’s my “lot in life”.


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