The Maiden’s Favorite Blogs

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My blog challenge today wants me to give my 5 favorite blogs and why. I’m not sure I have 5, but here goes:

Fields of Heather:
~*~*~Fields Of Heather~*~*~If you are interested in cooking, cleaning, being a stay at home Mom, home schooling your kids, living on a farm, being a farmers wife, and just, in general, being AWESOME and multi-taking… you can learn from Heather. Seriously she has it ALL on this site.

Doughboy to Iron Man:
This is my cousin’s blog and I probably wouldn’t normally have read it except for that, but this guy knows his stuff when it comes to food and health. He is challenging himself to overcome his obesity with the right foods and lifestyle and it’s encouraging and inspiring. Check it out.

This is a writer friend of mine who I just love to read. She also provides lists of good reads on her site. She mostly is Christian based and explores Biblical themes and stories. Informative all around.

The Other Side of the Desk:

Another writer friend – this one will crack you up with most blog posts. Her humor is contagious though so be aware! It’s kind of a Seinfield way of looking at things most times. Check out her book “Head in the Sand” too if you get the chance – it’s hysterical!

Susan Lower:

Susan is a Mom and a wife. Sometimes she doesn’t get much time to do anything else. But she’s a terrific writer and I follow her along just to see what’s going to happen next for her. If you’re a mom, a Christian, a hard working writer or just a lover of books – this blog will suit you fine.

I think that’s it. I did leave out a few – perhaps for another post someday!


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