Time To Rant and Rave

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Today’s blog challenge is to rant about something. To get up on my tiny little soapbox and let all my readers have it.

…. Well… I’m not typically that type of gal (my husband is currently snickering…) so I wasn’t sure what to get on my soapbox about.

I could rant and rave about the state of humanity, how people spend more than they should, gripe that they don’t care enough, that they try to scam the insurance companies, their family, and their friends. I could tell you tales about how people don’t pay their bills here at my office and then try to scam us into holding off their cancellations for another month. I could tell you stories of how drivers have cut me off, caused near accidents and all the other road rage things people feel on a daily basis. I could really come down on humanity.

But here’s the thing: last night I watched coverage about this tornado in Oklahoma. Instead of blaming the government for not acting quickly enough, griping about how better systems should be in place or what could have been done to prevent this act of God… they focused on the resiliency of the people of Moore, OK.

They spoke with one man who saw the storm coming and sought shelter in a local IMAX theater. The minute he knew it was safe he left the theater and went to work rescuing people around him. He and several other men helped to save the lifes of fifteen people. He didn’t run home to check out his own destruction. He didn’t run around ranting and raving about the injustice of it all. He didn’t rail against God. He dug in (literally) and helped his fellow townspeople minutes after the storm had passed.

He didn’t give it a second thought. As the reporter spoke to him and he retold his story, tears started to brim in this stocky, Mid-Westerners eyes. He looked away. It was as if he hadn’t even taken the time to really think about what he had done until that moment. You could see the sudden realization in his eyes. *BOOM!* The adrenaline wore off and the mangled landscape came into focus. It brought tears to my own eyes.

So my rant isn’t about how awful humanity is because I see the good and the potential in humanity. And I encourage every single person to do that every single day no matter what the situation. See the good. Better yet: be the good like this man, and so many others today in Oklahoma are doing.

And she steps down from the box.


2 thoughts on “Time To Rant and Rave

  1. I am really starting to like you! LOL
    Thanks. Feedback is everything for me. Sometimes you put stuff out there and don't know if anyone is reading it! It's like it goes out into a black hole! I'm so thankful for your comments.

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