School Didn’t Teach Me This

Okay. How many of you are tired of me by now? I have 9 more days to blog in May! I’m going to conquer this!!

Today my assignment is: Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you.

Seriously – there are SO many things. I think this is something, though, that if you took the right classes it is taught… But I was an art major so I didn’t have many of the classes I needed to truly succeed. (Or at least not have such a hard time in real life!)

One thing I wish I had been taught or had taken a class on was communication. I know this is taught just about everywhere and I did take at least one class, but it focused more on how to communicate to a larger audience – not one on one. I didn’t learn, until an insurance class offered it many years later, about different personality types and conflict avoidance procedures. Since having that class I’ve been much better at it. I still don’t communicate that well – I tend to not listen which is the real issue. (Can I get an “Amen!” on that one?)

I also wish there would have been a class on “check-book balancing” or “budgeting”. Of course there is math and all that, but I wish they were more specific, life-specific, type classes such as this. And I know a few other people who would benefit from this too. My father taught me the basics and I did pretty well on my own – I rarely bounced a check or had really low funds. Then I met my husband, who takes it to a whole new level. His budgeting and accounting procedures for our spending (ALL our spending – down to the last penny folks) is unreal – I truly think he should teach how he does it to young people. I think many young folks would really benefit from his way of doing it.

In fact, I think our government could benefit from his system too…

I’ve also learned things like “what truly is a friend” and “God loves me for me” – two really essential things that just don’t get taught in any school I know (except the God one – maybe Watsontown Christian Academy or other Christian schools teach that one.)

In reality we can’t know everything all at once. How would we grow? I look forward to learning more – I’m only 39 after all – there is so much more to learn! Life wouldn’t be as interesting if we knew it all, would it?


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