Words Can Harm and Heal

Today’s blog initiative: Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget (good or bad)

I think since I’m trying to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday weekend (and so are my readers) – I’m going to just list these.

“You try to get everyone to be like you.” Hurtful, and I didn’t think it was true. But it kind of is. I try now to recognize when I’m doing this. Even though it hurt at the time – it has helped me to make changes in my life that, I hope, are for the better.

“Look at that – a writer writing.” (I had never really been called a writer before this. I looked around to see who this person was referring to – it was me.) (This was Shirley Stevens at my first St Davids Christian Writers Conference – a good reason to register for this years if you haven’t already. Deadline is June 1. http://www.stdavidswriters.com/)

“It’s okay to get mad and not let people walk all over you. Jesus said to love one another, but even he turned over the vendors tables in anger.” A very wonderful and wise woman I know said this… she shows up in this blog a lot.

“Did you go to the gym today?” My ex asked me this every day. EVERY day – because he thought I was fat and if I didn’t go he would berate me for not going.

“You’re beautiful just the way you are.” My husband says this all the time. Wonder why I married him and not the last guy…

“You’re human. It’s okay.” Another wise woman I know – she shows up on these pages a lot too. This one she just said to me the other day. It’s good to have a friend like this in your life.

Tune in for one of my last May blogs tomorrow!


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Writer, Editor, Blogger, Christian - in the pursuit of joy and God's timing through life's simple snippets.
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