Oops. Life got in the way!

So okay – I missed the last two days of blogging. So here is an update:

Sunday was supposed to be a link to an article I have read and would like to share. Not going to do it. I’m not political, I don’t want to get into a discussion with anyone about why I think this way and you think that so… not going to do it. I suggest you read blogs by people who inspire you.’

Today is supposed to be only pictures. Can’t do that either. Boring.

But yesterday was supposed to be a letter to my readers. Here is that:

Dear reader,

Thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for understanding that I can’t write everyday because, well, I have a life and living my life is not only important, but it’s essential for my writing to occur. If I live in a bubble and never experience anything I can’t write. If I close myself off from people and adventures than I have no words to write down.

Let me share with you some things I did over the last two days that will help my writing in the future:


I snuggled this puppy. This is an essential part of life. If you don’t like dogs – find something else to snuggle and do it. It is, for me, the most relaxing thing ever. Especially when accompanied by some good friends, a roaring fire and some excellent wine.

I saw “The Great Gatsby” with my husband. I recommend it. Highly. Good actors speaking some of the most exquisite written words ever = the ultimate in movie-going experience. THIS is what movies should be – I was transported back to an era filled with gentleman, decadence, opulence and quiet reserve. Yes, it’s about adultery – oh well. It was still awesome. Indulge in something decadent today – even if it’s a movie about decadence.

We also relaxed this weekend. We caught up on our “Scandal” episodes via DVR… I encourage you to watch something well written. It DOES make the difference. I spent time in the sun with my dog, I napped, I ate good food, I laughed with friends… all things essential for life. All things essential for me to make this writing thing possible – by re-invigorating my senses, my soul and my writing.

Thanks for understanding when I need this time and thanks for reading.

My sincerest,
“The Fair Maiden”


About suefair48

Writer, Editor, Blogger, Christian - in the pursuit of joy and God's timing through life's simple snippets.
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