A Tune Can Change Your Mood

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Getting near the end of this May blogging challenge!! We’re almost there readers and I hope you have learned even more about me along the way. Please remember to share my page with a friend if you enjoy reading!

Today’s blog incentive is to pick five songs or pieces of music that speak to me or bring back memories.

Songs have also been so special to me and it’s hard to narrow it down to just five – there is such a wealth of music out there! But, alas, I will try.

1) God Bless The Broken Road (Selah) – this is the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding. Many people know the Rascal Flatts version, but our dance instructor felt this version was easier for us to dance to. I love both versions, but this one reminds me of our dance – I can still remember some of the dance steps. The words are so special to me too: “I’d like to take the time I’ve lost and give it back to you. But you just smile and take my hand, you’ve been there you understand. It’s all part of His grander plan – that is coming true.” I cry whenever I hear it. And I cried a bit just typing out those words. His plan is still working out in our lives – it still has meaning today for me.

2) The River (Garth Brooks) – there are SO many Garth Brooks songs I could use here. And many would choose The Dance instead, but The River has always been one of my favorites. It’s not really one they play a lot, but the words have always spoken to me: “You know a dream is like a river
Ever changin’ as it flows, And a dreamer’s just a vessel, That must follow where it goes, Trying to learn from what’s behind you, And never knowing what’s in store, Makes each day a constant battle
Just to stay between the shores” – how true are those words? HOW true? As I strive to become a writer now it speaks to me even more.

3) Titanium (David Guetta) – this is a newer one that I have really grown to love. It is so empowering and I’ve mentioned in this blog before. “You shoot me down, but I won’t fall. I am titanium.” I get knocked down by other people, pain, medical issues and life in general – but I get back up again – because I’m titanium. I can do this.

4) Happiest Girl in the Whole USA (Donna Fargo) – okay this one is showing my old time country roots, but the happiness of this song is just so … joyful. I remember listening to it when I was little and thinking that I wanted that kind of happiness. When I got married I posted this song on my Facebook page – it finally had come true for me. Every single word speaks to my heart. “Do you love waking up next to me as much as I love waking up next to you?” Yes. Every day.

5) Ugh – my last one! I have no idea which one to use. Another Garth Brooks song? Another oldie? Roger Miller was awesome, Conway Twitty, Ronnie Milsap, Clint Black… I refuse to put a Britney or a Rhianna song here. Barry Manilow is another great artist – all his stuff is gold. Ah! I got it:
Dark Lady (Cher) – I have no idea what pulls me in so much about this song, but I used to play it over and over again in my room. I perfected this song in my head. It was so dark and wonderful. And I’m a sucker for this beat. It’s got a good beat – I can dance to it! And check out Cher’s outfit in this video! OMG. Classic. (Also notice how Cher SMILES when she talks about killing her lover…. too awesome!)

How about you readers? What music speaks to you?


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