Letting Go

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“Letting Go” – what does this term mean to me? This is very hard because, to be quite honest, I don’t let go. I don’t know what it truly means. It’s very hard for me to let go.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I tend to hold onto things, I mull them over, try to make sense of them, re-think every move and every word. I don’t let go.

If I DID I think I would be happier, more at peace, be able to find more joy and maybe my mind would have more space to think about other things. Maybe I’d be able to remember people’s birthdays again, like I used to when I was younger, without having to write it all down. I strive to be able to “let go” and I overthink that too. HOW do I let go? WHAT does it involve? WHEN will I be able to?

Sheesh. Really? I mean are you reading this???? I’m overthinking when I will be able to let go. …

I R O N Y!

I do let go occasionally. Recently my husband complained that I wanted him to pick a restaurant for dinner and, yet, I would always decline his suggestions because I didn’t like his choices (which were mostly pizza…) He claimed I had a place in mind but would not divulge it to him – hence making it impossible for him to GUESS where I wanted to go. I said I didn’t HAVE anyplace in mind, but I didn’t want “x”, “y” and “z”. He threw up his hands in disgust and gave me a look of disbelief. Since then I’ve tried very hard to just say “Ok, let’s go there” when he makes a suggestion (he has also tried VERY hard to NOT pick pizza places every time.) I guess that’s letting go (for both him and me.)

SO. What does this term mean to me? It means something I have not yet fully achieved. It means something I need to work on. And it seems like an admirable thing to work on, so I will.

What are you having trouble letting go of today? Do you let go? If you know a secret of how best to accomplish it – please let me know. I think my husband, and my brain, would thank you.


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