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Ah the last day in May! And my blogging (for May) comes to an end. I did well, don’t you think? I hope to continue to blog more often than once a month from now on. I loved this “blog prompts” type way of doing things and I’ve been writing down some other prompts I can use as we move forward.

Today’s last prompt for May is: A Vivid Memory

There are so many I could choose from, but I choose today to look back on one of my most vivid and happiest moments: my wedding day.

I remember going very early to get my hair done because I had chosen an 11am wedding time. I wanted to not have to wait to marry my best friend that day – in hindsight I could have chosen 1pm instead and had more time to prepare! My hairdresser at the time was not open that early, but he was more than happy to get up and do up my hair that day. As we were chatting along his partner came from their home, which was attached to the salon. I could tell he didn’t know I was there and he was startled that I had seen him. Like I hadn’t known previously that my hairdresser was gay… but we kept chatting like nothing had happened.

As I drove to the church I was a bit worried that my beau would not show up. I had no cause for worry however – not only was he there to let the photographer into the church – we both saw each other! My stomach flipped over with glee when I saw him, he smiled at me and then quickly looked away. I scampered off to the bathroom and we pretended like it didn’t happen.

As my Maid of Honor and I got ready it soon became quite apparent that she was bustier than I had remembered. (You’d think that when you know someone for 35 years you’d notice these things, but I guess I failed to recognize.) The dress I picked out for her was a little more low cut than she was used to and couldn’t quite keep the puppies intact so… she ditched her bra! (Scandalous!) Going bra-less helped her to fit more snugly into the dress (and her husband thanked me later!) We giggled as we got ready over these little, dumb things (we also couldn’t keep the clip I wanted her to wear in her hair either – so we shelacked it into place with some hairspray!) – like we did when we were young girls – and I was the happiest woman around.

Can you see the smirk on Carol’s face here – it was there almost all day – she tried to make me laugh constantly and Corey tried to make John laugh too.

I remember waiting forever for the ceremony to start. I remember the Pastor telling me before-hand that we would start when I was ready, but I was ready WAY before it starting.

When I finally lined up with my Dad to walk the aisle he was joking around with me, keeping it light, but right before we stepped out I said “I love you, Dad” – bad move. He instantly teared up and so did I. But as soon as I turned the corner and saw all those folks watching me the tears vanished (for me – probably not for Dad.) The way our church is set up the people all sat in the middle section. Since they were standing I actually couldn’t see my groom. (Later the Pastor told me that John looked at me as I stepped out and just said “wow”.) As I steadily walked the aisle I only remember two things: The beautiful sunlight streaming through the windows and our god daughter, Megan in the sea of people. I smiled at her and tickled her nose with my bouquet. Something she won’t remember since she was only a few months old, but I will.

Isn’t she beautiful? The only girl that day who may have outshone the bride.

I remember smiling so much that my face hurt by the end of the day. I remember my Maid of Honor going out of her way to do whatever she could for me (and I knew she would – that’s why I chose her for that day – that and she has been my friend since BIRTH.) I remember not being able to eat our cake because we were so busy taking pictures. I remember dancing with my Dad – who cried again (don’t worry Dad – I LOVE that you cried – people do not think you’re any less of a man for the tears.) I remember our friends Dwayne & Amy helping us pack up, cart us home and how we collapsed, exhausted on our couch and went to bed (to sleep) by 8pm!

Every single moment is really a small, snippet of happiness from that day. There was nothing that went wrong, nothing that didn’t make me smile, nothing that marred any moment of that day. What a wonderful, vivid memory to have.

This smile did not leave my face this day.

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