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This Tuesday I will be heading off to the St David’s Christian Writer’s Conference in Grove City, PA. This means I had to try and get a lot of things done this weekend, with the help of my hubby, before getting away for a week.

We wanted to spend time with my Dad this weekend for Father’s Day, of course, and we also had a friend’s daughter’s birthday party to attend – both fun items, but they take up time. We also had laundry to do, dishes to clean, some landscaping work, church items, a broken ring to fix, a friend to console, and various small tasks to complete throughout the weekend. It’s Sunday at 7pm and all I can say is “I’m exhausted.”

But I wouldn’t trade it for much. Next week I will be surrounded by people I (mostly) only see once a year, but who are chasing the same thing as me: our creativity. They know what it’s like to write these things called “blogs”, they know what it’s like to have your writing criticized, scrutinized and, sometimes, published. They know the ups and downs of trying to follow this dream. They are “creatives” – as I like to call them – and their brains work much like mine: going all the time with new ideas. They are funny, quick witted and oh-so-enjoyable to be around – I get so much from this week with the folks of St. David’s.

A lot of my friends and family claim to “not be creative” and my parents often said “We have no idea where you get your creativity from,” but I know that the people in my everyday life are creative too – they just don’t acknowledge it the way my friends at conference do.

For instance:
My Dad is a master carpenter. He built this:
He also built all my kitchen cabinets and almost every wooden piece of furniture in my home. My grandfather made things from metal. My Dad learned how to make things from him – except he uses wood.

My Mom is a master crocheter. She made the angel in this pic:

In fact – she made over a hundred of them for my wedding. Many people have this angel in their home now. She also has made every doily I have in my house. Her mother taught her how to crochet. Grandma made afghans mostly from larger yarn – Mom uses the small stuff that I can barely even hold in my fingers much less shape into anything recognizable.

But they have no idea how I got so “creative.”

Many of my friends also are creative:
My friend Patrice is a quilter – she quilts and sews. She would also have been an awesome interior decorator.
My cousin Erin loves to cook and entertain – she set this up:

And she can play a mean piano.

My husband is one of the funniest people I know – I get a LOT of writing ideas from him.
My friend Heather is a stay-at-home farm Mom, a blogger, a crafter, sewer, crocheter, cooker, all-around-do-everything-kind-of-gal.
I have many photographer friends (and family): Mindy, Julie, Courtney, Kristen, Tory, Jennie, Shawn and many more.

I think we all have some creative talents. It’s just that maybe we don’t think we have them or, maybe, how to utilize them. I’m hoping my week away at St. David’s will help me to hone my creative skills… and to help me have a little R&R from all this “work.”

What do you do well? What creative things do you do in your life – really think about it – we all have talents. How can you enhance or hone in on yours better today?


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