And Now For My Next Trick!

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“And now for my next trick…” the skateboarder says to his friend.

“Here I can record it!” his friend replies.

We’ve all seen these videos and the moment AFTER these comments. They typically don’t end well. They typically end up on some kind of video show or YouTube where people can laugh at it over and over again. And yet, people keep making these videos. Maybe it’s perseverance (and not stupidity) that they possess. They keep having faith that there will be a different outcome. Hope that they can achieve all that they dream with just one more try.

THIS time it’s going to be epic.

And this time it turns out okay. The skateboarder finishes his trick without blood or mishap, but it wasn’t anything grand. He did it, but they move on without comment. Maybe it wasn’t ALL they dreamed it could be even though he lived to tell about it. But they keep riding their skateboards and documenting their attempts. It’s a work in progress. They strive for something even grander, even more challenging to video and share. They continue to push themselves for something more.

And why don’t we all have this mindset? Do we all strive for more of ourselves? Could we push a little more to achieve our dreams? Or do we just let them fade away because it became too much work?

What if we recorded all our attempts at greatness? Would we want to share them or would we want to give it another go to make it more epic? Would you want others to see how you’ve given up – or would you rather they saw how you persisted?

Maybe the trick today is to write 100 more words than you wrote yesterday so you can get that book deal. Or to even get an article, poem, devotional or short story published.

Maybe the trick today is to get that garden planted, the lawn mowed, or to read the kids just one more story. Because it’s what you love to do.

Maybe it’s to make someone smile.

It was Harry’s “trick” to do that on this day.

Maybe the trick today is to say “I love you” to someone you’ve been meaning to say it to. And who might not be here tomorrow.

Or maybe it’s to say “I love you” to yourself today. Because no one has said it in a long time.

Whatever it is – don’t you want to look back and say: Yeah. Maybe I didn’t achieve it all. But I didn’t give up. I didn’t settle for just the simple tricks. I went all out.

I do. And today my trick was to just get this blog idea out to you. Guess what? I did it.


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