What Means the Most?

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Today one of the Facebook pages I “like” gave me a writing prompt: If you could choose only 5 things from your home to keep, what would they be?

I love these prompts that really get you thinking about your life. I’m not a very material person, but I’m sure there are things that I would keep. I think it’s pretty obvious that the prompt wants me to delve deeper than “clothes” or “bath wash” – although I’m sure most everyone would HOPE I would choose those things.

Many things I have could easily be replaced so I really have to think about this…

My wedding dress could be one I guess. Although I’ll probably never wear it again (but I’d still look great in it thank you very much!) it holds a lot of sentimental value. No, when faced with only having five things I guess I wouldn’t keep it. I actually wouldn’t need to keep wedding photos either because my photographer always has them on hand and many people took some great pics that day. But I would probably save the wedding album we had made. Our photographer did the whole thing – PhotoShopped all over the place. And I LOVE it. He took all our photos – combined them into “spreads” and used Photoshop to add text, textures, edges and he removed unsightly things like lights and fire extinguishers (no kidding). And it incorporates almost everyone who was at our wedding. It blends all the pictures together just like all the people, from different walks of life, blended together on our special day.

I would try to save at least one piece of furniture that my Dad has made. I have one small, round table with Queen Ann’s legs in my living room. It was my grandmothers – that he made for her – and my Mom has one just like it. Or my hope chest that he made me years ago and has cedar on the inside. Or my coffee table that holds my wedding album (and my in-laws album too). I guess I’d have to choose since I only get five things…

It’s so hard to choose! I have some recipes that were my grandmother’s. Including a sugar cookie that everyone loves.

I have a ring that was hers too that my parents gave me when I graduated. I’ve been meaning to have it sized – and maybe a different (read: real) stone put in it.

There are some rings my other grandmother gave me too.

How to choose, how to choose??

I guess it’s all about keeping my loved ones close in the end. I don’t need body wash, clothes or even a hairbrush – all I really want is to just have those I love close to me. This is especially true for my grandparents – I so wish they could be here now. I wish I could hold them close, hear their voices again, laugh at their silliness or their stories again, ask their advice now that I’m married… but those things I can’t have anymore. One day my parents won’t be around either and I’m so glad to have Dad’s furniture and Mom’s doilies all over my house. To see their handiwork and to remember how much love they put in each thing.

Then again, I can hold memories with me forever.

Well. Whew. Guess I don’t have to pick then.


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