Detour Ahead (and to the left and the right…)

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Have you seen signs like these lately?

If you live near Watsontown, PA you sure have. I live in Watsontown and work in Lewisburg, PA. There are currently at least three detours from my home to work. I started out taking a slightly different route to work when the first one popped up. Then I re-configured when they closed that route and I had a couple of choices. Now PennDOT closed one of those options so I’m down to one.

If they close my last route I guess I can just call off work due to road construction.

As I was driving through this maze of detours to get home yesterday I realized my life has been a series of detours too lately.

This was me in 2011 – completing my first 5K run:

I remember making that last push to get to the finish line before forty minutes had passed. I was hurting, but I completed it and felt such a sense of accomplishment and strength.

Two years later I can barely take a walk due to the hip/tendinitis issue I’ve been struggling to heal, define and move forward from (not from this race or even, probably, from running.)

Most days I limp home and hang out on the couch. The gym, chores, and any hope forgotten due to the intense pain. Some days I manage a small walk with my dog or an excursion with my husband only to pay the price the next day with additional pain.

My days of becoming a runner and a svelte 40-something are long gone.

I’m persevering – I will get back to the gym. I WILL add strength to my body so I can, hopefully, have at least one day a week without pain. Wouldn’t that be great?

But it’s a long detour. I know I won’t run again (for which I am not that heartbroken), but I want to be strong. I want to go into my older years with strength in my body so that I CAN fight off potential joint, tendon, and bone issues.

I’m discouraged, but I move on, maneuvering through each detour as it comes.

As long as there is one way to my destination – I will find it.


One thought on “Detour Ahead (and to the left and the right…)

  1. I've become increasingly interested in getting strong and increasing my flexibility over the past few years. I love the way I feel after yoga (graceful (this is so funny for ME), taller, more “bendy” and just solid at my core) and I've incorporated a little running into my routine… though lately it really hasn't been very “routine”.

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