An Evening on the Lake

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Friends invited us to go kayaking last night at a local lake. Although it meant giving up the gym and rushing home to get ready, we readily agreed. Time spent on the lake is better than most anything else.

When we got there a storm threatened to pour down on us so we waited around a bit and chatted. Soon enough the rains came and we sought shelter in a near-by pavilion. We continued chatting as the rain pelted down, somewhat dashing my hopes of getting on the lake.

Before I knew it the water had begun to cease and the sun shone through the clouds again. We had about an hour of time left to spend on the lake.

We pushed off, spirits renewed.

My friend, Heather, hoped to see the bald eagle that she’d seen previously on this lake, but that had alluded her camera.

The rain tapered off and gave the air just a slight chill. I was glad I had grabbed my light jacket to ward off the cool air.

Photo compliments of Shaney Yarger
As you can see, we didn’t paddle much. We enjoyed the freshly washed air, the surrounding scenery, the quiet water and each other’s company. The sun was setting in brilliant reds and oranges, but was so blinding that we sought shade on the other side of the lake for awhile. I sat back in my kayak, letting the water tug me along with the others, never struggling to catch up, but simply letting the water take me where it may. Relaxed, slinky strokes kept me in line with the others and kept the noise down so I could hear the conversation. I let their voices lull me into a sense of relaxation, letting the worries and demands of my day slip off my shoulders, feeling my entire body release its tensions like the waves gently washing off my boat.
Again, compliments of Shaney. The boys didn’t paddle much either.
My husband enjoyed some time with a new friend and I caught up with an old and a new. We searched in vain for the eagle, but glimpsed a heron in flight. We also caught sight of some small ducklings with their mama in the gathering mist around the edges of the lake. Their mama squawked at us when we came too close. The teenage boys who were with us also caused their mama to squawk when they began to “horse around” (they were quickly sent to the other side of the lake with their Dad.)
We let our bad moods sink into the depths as our kayaks glided effortlessly through the water. We laughed, consulted and consoled.
Our time started to sink as well, with the sun, and we rounded the bend one last time in search for the eagle and to watch the remaining rays of sun kiss the sky for the last time this day.
As the sun drifted off, we paddled onto shore and loaded up for the evening, each of us hesitant to let this moment pass, already anxious for another time spent on the water.

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