A Weekend Full of Fun or Work?

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As I’m sitting at my desk wishing the work day away, I’m contemplating what adventures my husband and I can get into this weekend.

Our first “option”, which really isn’t one, is to fix a water leak we had last week. The leak is fixed on the outside, but we need to remove drywall and insulation around the leak on the inside and replace it with all new drywall and insulation. My dad is going to help John and I think I might just flee the scene while the boys work. Don’t want to be in the way, you know?

That project takes up a good portion of Saturday – at least the morning – so I’m considering what other options we have for the remainder. Since I won’t be helping with the reconstruction I will probably go get our groceries and maybe try to do some writing. Laundry is also on my chore list.

But that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun so I want to find other things to fill the non-chore times this weekend.

My options:
Kayaking. Kayaking is ALWAYS an option. And the weather is supposed to be great this weekend. Maybe take some hoagies out to the lake with the kayaks and have a picnic out there.

Little League. I’ve spent my whole life living in Central PA – only thirty minutes from Little League Headquarters and have NEVER even seen a game live. It seems tragic to some extent and, yet, I don’t like crowds or traffic (which is what you endure to see a game at the stadium) so I’m not sure this would be an ideal adventure for me.
(If you’d like to check out a game here is their website: http://www.littleleague.org/worldseries/)

Movies. A friend wanted to see “We’re the Millers”, but she can’t go until next week. It doesn’t mean the hubby and I couldn’t see another flick this weekend. Note to self: check what’s playing. Although it’s supposed to be really nice weather… do I want to waste my time inside?

Biking. John and I recently got bikes and we’d like to try them out. I need a new seat so I won’t be going on any long rides yet, but if the weather holds it’d be nice to be outside with the wind in my hair.

Looks like I have a few good options to choose from. How about you? What are you plans for this weekend?


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