Stars In Our Crown

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Friday night my hubby and I decided we needed to do some running around. Our church needed some items from Sam’s Club, we wanted some things from Sam’s too and Target and I wanted pizza for dinner, so we headed out.

We checked out Sam’s Club first to get it out of the way before they closed. We loaded up on the items the church needed and some ink for our printer. There were a few things we looked into for ourselves, but nothing seemed to be in stock or what we needed.

All things considered (i.e. hitting up the Sam’s on a Friday night…) we were doing pretty good and making good time.

Next we ran to Target. I was looking for a new photo album for our newest god daughter and we needed to replace our Shark Steam Mop. After going through about every aisle we finally located the albums, but none were what I was looking for. We did find the last of the two steam mops, however, they had and made our way for the door.

“Now for pizza!” my husband said.

As we drove out of the Target parking lot I saw something on the ground.

“STOP!” I yelled to John.

He slammed on the brakes.


“There is something on the ground – I think it’s a wallet.”

He checked the traffic and put the car in reverse. Sure enough it was a young ladies wallet. We debated what to do, but since the address on her license was Hughesville, which was close by, we decided to get out the GPS and just drive it back to her house. We had no other way of knowing how to return it to her and we would have wanted someone to do the same.

“It’s only Hughesville,” John said, “It won’t take us long and then we’ll get dinner.”

I punched in the address and realized it was a bit further than we thought, but reasoned that we just couldn’t turn back now. Off we went.

We arrived in Hughesville and took a left… driving out of Hughesville.

Then we took a left.

And another right.

And then we hit a gravel road.

“How far out IS this place?” John asked.

I consulted the GPS.

“Another couple of miles, but what can we do now?”

Another right. Past a confused looking farmer… he probably didn’t see too many folks he didn’t know. And I’m sure we looked like “city folk” to him as we consulted our GPS.

“If there is a pack of wild dogs at this place, I’m throwing the wallet out the window and hightailing it out of there!” John said.

Up and down mountain roads, and more gravel, we went. Finally, we found our destination. It had taken us almost twenty minutes away from home and any dinner options, but we were here and hoped we had found the right spot.

As soon as John got out of the car an older woman poked her head out of a window and exclaimed: “You found it!” She could see the wallet clearly in his hands and she told John that her daughter was currently looking for it.

At Target.

Where we had just come from.

Turns out she works there and had just left work when she realized it was lost.

Her Target employee card was in the wallet, but, because we didn’t want to be “snoopy”, we hadn’t looked at each item too closely and had missed that important piece of information at our fingertips.


John took the wallet into the mother and returned to the car.

Turns out we were now near Lairdsville, not Hughesville. Our dinner options were severely limited and it was now almost 8:30. As time ticked by, we weren’t sure what would still be open, but I was pretty hungry and still craving pizza. So we stopped at the local Original Italian Pizza in Hughesville, but our waitress was a bit surly and the food wasn’t all I had hoped it would be.

I expressed my frustration to John. After all, hadn’t we just done a good deed… like, above and beyond? And yet, we had to endure inferior pizza and hadn’t gotten many of the items we had been looking for. Our evening had dissolved into doing for others instead of getting what we needed done for ourselves.

But my husband summed it all up with this: “But remember, my love: stars in your crown, stars in your crown.”


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