An Enjoyable Evening

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Last night my hubby and I were invited to dinner with another couple. We readily agreed because they are moving to Texas and who knows when we’ll see them again.

So that doesn’t sound like such an interesting tid-bit does it? But my heart was so warmed by this invitation. Let me tell you why.

We first met when I worked with his mom. He was fourteen and we had nothing in common. Nothing. He was superbly full of himself (like most teenage boys) in every way and I had just come off a really bad break-up with a similar guy so… to say I didn’t like Vincent was tame. I couldn’t stand him.

Fast forward ten years.

Now he’s an annoying twenty-four year old… just kidding!!

NOW he’s like a brother to me. He annoys me, he does things I don’t like, and we don’t see eye to eye on a LOT of things, but he’s pretty awesome. (She says at the risk of inflating his already inflated ego…)

“Why?” you ask.

Good question.

Because he served his country and went overseas twice to do it. Voluntarily. I don’t think we civilians GET how big this is. People don’t HAVE to do this. You and I don’t have to enlist. These people do it FOR us, for our country. We can bitch and moan all we want about what they do is unfair or wrong or unjust or violent, but it’s because of them that we don’t have to hold a gun. I, for one, don’t like guns all that much and I’m glad I live in this country where I don’t have to hold one to protect myself. Guys like Vincent do it for me.

Because, even though he is no longer in the military, he loves his country so much (okay and for other reasons) he’s moving to Texas to work for Border Patrol. Again, people will gripe about illegals and how they deserve rights too. Whatever. My ancestors (and yours too, most likely) came to the U.S. and fought for everything they got here. They even fought for this country in several wars. They abided by the rules of this nation so they could continue living here. That’s the way it should still be. He’s going to fight for that. For you and me. So we don’t have to.

Because he isn’t fourteen anymore. He’s seen and done a lot since then. He’s a pretty mature 24 year old. I know men older than him that are a LOT less mature. Men (boys?) that would rather lie to their wives about where they are at night, men that would rather get welfare than hold down a job, and men that would rather poke their eyes out with a hot stick than have dinner with a nearly-forty year old and her nerdy husband.

And because, even though I’ve told him how much I hated him in the beginning, he still called me (and my nerdy husband) to have dinner before he left.

It’s rare today to find someone who cares about people the way he does. There is so much “What about me?” mentality in this world, especially with younger people (yes, I am an old, bitter woman now…), but he and his wife… not those kind of people. And I’ll miss them.

Love you brother. We’ll see you soon.


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