Cooking Up Some Memories

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I am blessed to have received my husband’s grandmother’s recipe boxes in the mail yesterday from my in-laws. I asked for these boxes so I could compile a cookbook from the recipes.

I love to cook and I am by the memories that revolve around certain recipes that are passed down through the generations and I want to know which ones had special meaning, which ones remind people of certain days and celebrations and now, I realized as I was looking through these recipes, how certain ones can help us remember our loved ones.

I have heard a LOT about how great a cook Grandma Fairchild was and it’s evidenced by how good her sons and many of her grandchildren can cook. I could not wait to get my hands on these recipes because I want to learn from her (even if it’s simply her writing) and because I want to make meals that my husband remembers and loves. (Also because he seems to have missed out on the cooking gene…)

Upon initial inspection here is what I have learned:

1) Grandma liked to please her kids and she had a big sweet tooth. There is a very uneven amount of cakes/cookies/pie/desserts recipes to vegetable recipes.

Maybe where her grandson got his love of sweets…

2) She understood that to be a good cook you had to learn from others. Okay, this is just my opinion, but here is why I think that. Many of her recipes give credit to other people that she obtained the recipe from. “From Hattie” or “Lori’s Meatloaf” – make me aware that she loved good food and she wasn’t too proud to ask someone for their recipe to help make herself a better cook. Something maybe we would have had in common. And she didn’t want to take credit – she made notes on each one that she got from someone else so everyone would know where it came from.

Me & Mom making my family’s “famous” sand tarts for Christmas.
A recipe handed down from my grandmother.
3) It’s not going to be an easy task putting this cookbook together. Some recipes only have ingredients listed – no directions at all. A good sign that she was such a good cook she didn’t need direction. And, I guess, we’ll figure it out too.
I can’t wait to get this project started, and to make a few of these recipes! I’ll keep you all posted on the progress.

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